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Sarah Graham, Artist

I had no idea what colour therapy involved, but being a professional artist, I do understand the power and energy of colour, so it wasn't hard for me to get my head around! In fact out of all the alternative therapies, to me this makes so much sense. We are all drawn to certain colours, & understanding that this can have greater meaning for ourselves and who we are makes perfect sense. The bottles I chose featured many of my favorite colours to paint, so the whole experience has helped me not only understand myself but even my career!! Thanks Kate and I'll definitely recommend this to friends and family. Sarah Graham

December 30, 2015

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Rebecca McCann, Therapist

I attended one of Kate's introduction to mindfulness retreat days and although my intention was to attend for professional development, I found the meditation techniques enabled me to open up parts of my mind that I hadn't realised needed opening! I have a history of depression and use mindfulness myself; Kate's teaching and guidance through the meditations were great and I felt very relaxed all day. As a Mum myself and a professional who works with new Mums I believe Kate's friendly style of working would be hugely beneficial to support anyone going through a stressful life change to reach a place of acceptance that enables them to enjoy life more. Rebecca McCann

December 29, 2015