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In my daily practice, I have been working with the mantra I will there be light. What does that mean? Let me explain further by sharing something that came out of a conversation later that morning.

I was very grateful for an unexpected affirmation that came out of a call that I was making to organise a session the two of us were running.  Sheona made an observation around the shift that they had been witnessing in my presence.  One I had felt myself and by voicing it, she gave confirmation of that, an unexpected gift.

If we look on the world with benevolent and loving eyes then we will receive benevolence and love in return.  I recognise how difficult this can be.  We are all human too and it’s not to deny that we experience pain, betrayal and suffering! That said it is worth remembering that hurt people hurt people. Let me show you an example of the magic that happens when we can transmute our pain.

Last weekend I had a need to go out and be with other people.  And yet no matter what I attempted to organise everything seemed to be falling through.  In my spiritual practice that day I was asked to reflect on grievances. At that moment I had a few.

The synchronicity of what happened made me laugh as I was aware of a grievance forming in relation to a group that I belong to.  Initially I felt the anger and injustice and could not get past that.  At the same time I realised that those emotions were causing me pain and made me feel alone.  I took a moment to pause and go within to connect to what lay beneath all that: love.

It took a while and then I received a clear message about what to do.  It meant allowing for the humanity of another and coming from grace. When I could do that I was able to see a clear path through it all.

I contacted a single friend of mine and asked her if she wanted to go out to a gig run by a bunch of women DJs for International Women’s Day as I knew it wasn’t my hubby’s cup of tea.  She said yes and we went.  We had an amazing time.

It was so much fun.  I made some new friends, got invited to a party in May.  Then three of us realised we all had birthdays within a week or two of each other and so we have decided to run a joint birthday party.  I could never have expected all that from a night out plus there were some very helpful work opportunities which I may share more about when the time is right. 

All this is an example of an every day miracle and is what happens when we come from a place of love.  Compassion and love are muscles that need to be developed and it can be challenging. Here is something that may help. An invitation from me to you to join me for a compassion practice.  It’s a wonderful way to bring more goodness into your life and does not require you to believe anything, merely to come with an open heart.

Join me on Thurs 6 April for a 90 min compassion practice. It is totally free and you can sign up for it here. Finally if you want some practical tips on how to live in a more compassionate loving way check out the following 10 ideas.

Rosemary Lynch and Alain Richard have identified ten “principles” for those seeking to live a spiritual life of nonviolence. Active nonviolence calls us:

  1. To learn to recognize and respect “the sacred” in every person, including in ourselves, and in every piece of Creation. . . .
  2. To accept oneself deeply, “who I am” with all my gifts and richness, with all my limitations, errors, failings and weaknesses, and to realize that I am accepted by God. . . .
  3. To recognize that what I resent, and perhaps even detest, in another, comes from my difficulty in admitting that this same reality lives also in me. . . .
  4. To renounce dualism, the “we-they” mentality (Manicheism). This divides us into “good people/bad people” and allows us to demonize the adversary. It is the root of authoritarian and exclusivist behavior. It generates racism and makes possible conflicts and wars.
  5. To face fear and to deal with it not mainly with courage but with love.
  6. To understand and accept that the New Creation, the building up of the Beloved Community is always carried forward with others. It is never a “solo act.” . . .
  7. To see ourselves as a part of the whole creation to which we foster a relationship of love, not of mastery, remembering that the destruction of our planet is a profoundly spiritual problem, not simply a scientific or technological one. We are one.
  8. To be ready to suffer, perhaps even with joy, if we believe this will help liberate the Divine in others. This includes the acceptance of our place and moment in history with its trauma, with its ambiguities.
  9. To be capable of celebration, of joy, when the presence of the Divine has been accepted, and when it has not been to help discover and recognise this fact.
  10. To slow down, to be patient, planting the seeds of love and forgiveness in our own hearts and in the hearts of those around usSlowly we will grow in love, compassion and the capacity to forgive.

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