I like to work with mid-lifers who have done a whole heap of personal development work but have not found their sweet spot yet.

You might be:

  • A person that others see as strong who knows their own mind. On the surface you seem to take no prisoners and yet there is a part of you that longs for deep connection so that you can share your vulnerability.
  • You get on with just about anyone and have lots of friends because you know just what to say and how to put people at their ease. You excel at meeting the needs of others; deep down you feel lonely as your needs are rarely met.
  • You are a leader in your community with great influencing skills. People often look to you for guidance and yet you feel a bit of a fraud because you have a really challenging relationship at home and your authority deserts you there.
  • You have big goals you want to achieve. Your own programmes that you want to get out into the world. You know they work because clients love them but you are afraid of what this will require of you and what more visibility will bring. As you become more successful, you try to downplay it to make others feel more at ease around you.
  • Your first attempt at running your own business failed. You joined a company doing similar things but as time went on you realised that whilst you liked the security, you didn’t agree with their way of doing business. You know you need to leave but that idea fills you with fear.
  • You believe that the world needs to change and that there is a new way of doing business. It informs everything you do and yet despite your energy and vision your business still has not taken off.
  • You have been a searcher all your life trying all sorts of programmes, following all kinds of people to get that aha moment. It is still eluding you and you now feel jaded as your natural idealism is at an all time low.
  • You rush from one experience to the next. You believe if you keep busy and productive, you will stay on top. There’s no time for the luxury of feeling and yet deep inside you there is a yearning for something: an itch you cannot seem to scratch.

These are the kinds of people I work really well with:

  1. Men or women in senior leadership positions who are good at what they do, enjoy earning good money but are not fulfilled in their work and long to find meaningful work but fear it won’t pay the bills.
  2. Coaches, consultants and organisational development specialists who are doing “world work”and creating the workplace of the future.
  3. Holistic business owners who may teach mindfulness or reiki in the workplace or may run plant-based cafes, teach yoga or pilates who understand the importance of emotional wellbeing.

It really helps if we share these values:

  • openness and curiosity about new ideas including alternative therapies
  • a willingness to explore new ways of doing business that includes connecting to something bigger than ourselves
  • an understanding that we are all interconnected, want to belong and need to be of service

Contact us if you are ready to begin the journey!  And if you are wondering whether our approach can really help you, click here to find out more about what you need to do to move from stress to a beautiful state.