Does it ever feel like ground hog day in your house?  Same old same old with no let up and despite your best intentions you get triggered left, right and the centre.  Losing it becomes the new normal.

And yet it could be so different.  I will show you how when you spend a bit more time being kind to yourself, you can change your whole reality at home.  Dare to care! Immerse yourself in a two day full on experience…I will show you how to make the ordinary extraordinary.

Some of your hopes and expectations may look like this:

  • Every day is special and we have experience of working with the full spectrum
  • Help me to stop becoming my Mum/ Dad
  • Help me to unpick the sibling rivalry and see it for what it is
  • Give me tips and tools so I can reframe experiences for my child(ren)
  • Show me how to develop my empathy muscle
  • Enable me to see my old patterns and break unhelpful habits like being the rescuer or creating dependency
  • Open my eyes to seeing the value of our tech world

Press pause restore, recalibrate and reconnect!

Investment: £850 for a couple over two days, £600 for an individual (or £100 deposit to secure your place; 2 lots of £250 over 2 months) 10% of what you pay goes to my social enterprise Colourful Classrooms.

 How much does a child cost over a life time? £850 is a small amount by comparison and yet it can lead to a step change in the way you relate as a family.