In this article Kate Griffiths shows that it is no longer enough to be creative and have ideas to become a successful entrepreneur.  The way to differentiate yourself and get ahead is to become a new paradigm entrepreneur. This requires a shift in the way that we conduct business and she shares some of the tools that you need.

Talking to my husband last night, it became clear that the concept of a “new paradigm” entrepreneur was a foreign one to many people so I thought it would be helpful to unpick what it is because as more and more people realise that the current way of doing things is not working, and by that I am referring to the fact that humanity pays homage to the market whereas the market should be serving humanity and the planet.  Many are thirsting for ideas of what else is possible.  Quite often when you ask, what you get back is a set of lofty ideals and as the new chair of the RSA, Vikki Heywood realised 21st Century Enlightenment is only possible when you enrich society with ideas and action.

In last week’s post, I argued that abundance is our natural state of being and yet there is still plenty of evidence of the scarcity mindset in action.  Research by neuroscientists has shown that we have greater capacity to remember negative information, hence why the news is always filled with horror and disaster in spite of the great advances we have made over the last 100 years.  Another reason for this is down to individuals’ level of self awareness.  I would like to share with you a taxonomy of the self that Lynn Serafinn developed in an article on branding as a way of putting this into context and exploring the shift that is needed.  Lynn describes the self as having five levels of awareness:

  1. Inherited self – formed by our genetic blueprint/DNA; this is the deepest layer of ‘unconscious self’ created by ‘Nature’, where our actions and reactions may be (or at least feel like they are) beyond our control, and are operating at a ‘survival’ level.

  2. Conditioned self – beliefs, attitudes, customs, patterns of behaviour formed by our association with family, society, etc.; this is the next layer of ‘unconscious self’ created by ‘Nurture’, where we are habituated to doing things and thinking a certain way without question.

  3. Conscious self – when we become aware of the unconscious layers of self and they start to lose their grip on us; this is where we become aware of our motivations, clarify our direction, and become more decisive and purposeful in our actions.

  4. Macro-conscious self – when we develop an awareness and sensitivity to the ‘space’ around us; at this level, we develop a social consciousness towards the needs, pains and wants of the greater ‘social self’, and feel a responsibility to (and connection within) it.

  5. Meta-conscious Self – when we develop an awareness of the greater ‘Will’ of the Creative Energy, the cycle of life, etc.; here we are able to tap into and utilise the energy of the ‘Whole’ rather than just knowing we are a part of it.

Currently most coaches and therapists work with clients to review and repattern based on the first two levels of the taxonomy and their aim is to enable clients to spend more time as their conscious self.   This is no longer enough.  We need to be supporting people to develop their macro and meta-conscious selves so that they can thrive in the new reality that is emerging and becoming more real.  Those in the personal development industry that get this and start operating from this place will be at the cutting edge of their field.

If you are not a coach or a therapist then you may wonder what this means for you. Ultimately it is about reflecting on the dharma of business and your business in particular?  To what extent does it feed off society?  In the new paradigm, the role of business is to feed society whilst creating jobs and prosperity.  Let’s explore this further.

I am working with others to develop world changing conversations as part of a world changers programme.  One of the concepts we have developed is called the “winnovator”.  This is where influencers and leaders, in fact each and every one of us, creates a win for themselves, those that they are interacting with and the planet.  Can you imagine what the world would be like if we were all doing this as a matter of course every day? Instantly business would be fun, sustainable and profitable.

This principle speaks to another that is underlying all this and that is that the new paradigm is all about collaboration.  This is not a new idea however many collaborations have failed and some have decided to go it alone because it is easier.  It may well be faster but you will not have the level of reach and impact that way.  The key is to learn how to do collaboration and to realise that it is the end game not the first step.

In my half day workshops, my focus is on creating a space where people can be their whole selves because that is when the magic starts to unfurl.  Past participants have commented on the amazing lack of competitiveness between business owners at these events. I am delighted to see that three people have gone on to form a mutually beneficial collaboration after attending one of my workshops recently.  How is this possible?  It comes when we experience deep connection with others which is really the purpose behind what I do.  Connection is the gate way to a richer, more fulfilled life individually and collectively.  This comes through connected, mindful communication.

If you want to come and find out for yourself then I invite you to join us on 19 July where we will be exploring why you have been born at this time in history and what you are sensing is yours to do in the eco system of which we are all a part.  I hope that you have found this article inspiring and I would love to hear your comments.


Kate Griffiths is a qualified coach, speaker, community leader and writer, who is fascinated by the power of conversation. She teaches business owners, leaders and teams how to communicate effectively to build stronger relationships and thereby improve the possibilities for innovation and collaboration.

Kate is also the Community Relations Director of the 7 Graces Project, a thriving community and social enterprise.  The aim of the 7 Graces Project is to provide an educational alternative and business incubator for a new generation of ethical, community-focused businesses.




From solopreneur to new paradigm entrepreneur: the way to flow
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2 thoughts on “From solopreneur to new paradigm entrepreneur: the way to flow

  • July 4, 2013 at 6:52 pm

    Winnovation is a really exciting and emerging focus for business – how do I create a win for us, a win for you and a win for all – society, the planet and life. When we put winnovation at the heart of what we do – we have a much better chance of creating what is wanted and it stretches us to go beyond all previous limits

    • July 5, 2013 at 2:01 pm

      Absolutely Jo as we are showing with what’s emerging through World Changing Conversations. Thanks for sharing and elaborating on the concept 😉

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