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I can help clients heal their money story because I have had to work on mine in so many ways. November 2023 has given us another opportunity to look at this dynamic with its focus on the colours red and turquoise. I am sharing some examples of the different way that narrative has been playing out for me this month. Read on and find out if my experiences resonate with you. As much as possible I share the connection between the red and the turquoise too.

Turquoise is all about creativity and mine has been on fire this month. I am so grateful as it has enabled me to flow with what has been coming up and to share that with you here in the hope it will give you some insights for your own situation.

Ever since I came back from South Africa in September the Universe has been asking me to look at my relationship with money.  It started in Cape Town when I bathed in Ruby Red, an essence that helps us to clear ancestral patterns.  I am healing up a difficult relationship with money that has been part of my ancestral line for at least 3 generations so it is pretty embedded!

Early frustrations

It initially showed up in the fact that I was the only one in a group of 13 people that had trouble sending money for my colour essences to South Africa.  It took multiple attempts and only worked when I transferred it by a third mechanism.  That was quite challenging as I did not want my teacher to be out of pocket.  The money kept going out of my account and returning and yet in the end it was completed.

The second initiation came in relation to working with my clients.  One of my clients had spent over £200 on bottles.  I sent them international tracked to Israel before the war had started.  They had arrived but she had not received them.  Then she had to leave the country in a hurry.  What was wonderful was that she came from a turquoise mindset and had absolute faith that they would turn up. Myself and another Colour Mirrors Teacher of Teachers thought that they were bringing light to the darkness in that part of the world.  Almost 2 months after they arrived in Israel, she received them! Interestingly one bottle had exploded and that is one that represents the fragility of human life and reminds us of the need to go deep within to heal our trauma.  It also calls us to allow our vulnerability to show as a way to change the narrative.  That felt poignant.

Clients failing to pay invoices

Another aspect I have been aware of has been in relation to clients.  I was completing my accounts before I went to South Africa; and I became aware of some unpaid invoices from 2022.  I reached out to the three people involved.  One settled what she owed straight away after checking a couple of things; one felt that I should have gifted her the book that I co-authored.  I explained how birthing it took two years and was a labour of love.  She offered to pay 50% of what she owed and, in the end, even reneged on that.  The final client had been a friend.  I had let her use the bath in my house when her house had burnt down. This year we have not been as close, and she said she needed to come back to this later in the year.  I have chased her again and she is still not in a position to come back to me. It is, for me, a significant sum of money.  My husband feels that I should take her to the small claims court.  I will not do that as I believe there is a higher power to whom we answer ultimately and that we all need to look after our own karma.

I noticed all the way through dealing with these individuals there was an element of detachment.  And whilst I would like to be paid because I am a small business with very few reserves to cover non payment, I know that money is energy and that as long as I align my vibration, I will be ok in the end.  And now I am intending to always attract clients that pay their invoices in full in a timely manner.

What is poverty consciousness really about?

Another aspect of money that I have been shown recently has come from clients who find it hard to justify the cost of working with me. I remember years ago an article written by another coach that people found powerful at the time which said in essence that what you paid her reflected all the money that she had invested in her own growth and development.

It’s good to have a strong sense of self-worth and so I nod in that direction however I sense there is something else at play here. Clients use this as a justification when they have reached the current ceiling on their growth.  It’s self-imposed and not real and is related to their self-beliefs around what is possible and what they deserve.  Much of that is unconscious.

No one chooses to limit their growth but clients do choose to stay with the self-identity that is familiar and comfortable rather than expand into a new way of being. Self-doubt and fear are like the weeds that grow in the garden: they need to be monitored and pruned regularly or they will take over.  I know this to be true because I did an experiment.

With the first client who only works part time and who claimed she could not afford my fees; I asked her to let me know what she could afford as I did not want money to be a barrier.  She had some deep held trauma that had coloured much of her life for over 50 years.  She never responded.  With the second client who was doing couples coaching with me, I gifted the two of them a special something.  She came back to me and said it was all about timing and at the right moment all would be fine as from her perspective it was totally worth it because it was an investment in their development. And just like that she was talking to him, and he was asking her when they were going to come back for their next session.

If everything is energy then my take away from this is to remind myself that I deserve clients that have the means to pay for working with me and I will only attract in those that can pay.

Concluding thoughts

All of that probably sounds easy and yet with so much that runs deep in the family line there are many layers and the healing continues.  As we head into the pre-Christmas party festivities, I am aware that we are incurring more cost because our house is without a tenant at the moment. This means we are currently paying for two properties and school fees. My faith muscle is being tested to the max and I know that we will come through this. It’s a temporary glitch in the flow. I am working with my intuition and imagination to reverse this.  If you would like a different relationship with money do get in touch so I can add you to the waiting list for my money retreat.  It offers a chance to look at your money story so that you can heal up any deeply ingrained patterns. Or if you cannot wait for that I can squeeze in one or two more coaching clients.

Healing your money story
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