Moving from scarcity to clarity

How many interactions have you witnessed – be those your own; exchanges on social media; or conversations between people – where the unspoken message was love me, love me?  Take a moment to consider this question by reflecting on your experiences over the last week.

Let me ask you another question: do you love the work that you do and the life you are leading?  Be honest now.  Many people mistakenly believe that if they earn enough money then their lack of self worth or sense of insecurity will vanish.  And many others market their products and services from that belief.

What does survival mode look like?

When you live from that place then life is fearful because the dominant feeling is one of scarcity which can lead to a belief that you need to compete for resources or love; or perhaps need to defend your sense of self.

Living within the confines of the survival mode operating system is like having a top of the range smart phone and keeping it on aeroplane mode all the time. You have endless access to mindless games, old programming and past messages/ beliefs and no capacity to connect with the vast refuge of radiant Being that exists beyond the self.

In this space we are lost because we stay stuck in the same old thoughts and strategies as survival mode is a closed system.  There is no capacity to receive or access to new input in this contracted version of the Universe. In this space it’s impossible to experience the sense of endless grace that surrounds and holds us, the grace that exudes from our essence.

What’s the way in?

Colour offers you a way to shine the light on your patterns so you can really see what you are accepting and believing to be true. And here’s the rub, it is not a quick fix solution. I have had clients who have spent decades in survival mode and believe mistakenly that working with two or three bottles will sort them out. This is a life long journey of exploration.

These patterns that you hold are at least as old as you and in some cases you are clearing ancestral issues that have been in the family line for generations.  They are woven round your DNA so it will take time and loving attention to unwind them.

Many years ago when I started this work myself, I heard about a Colour Teacher that did clearing every week.  At that time I thought that was excessive and unnecessary.  Now the more I explore the essence of who I am, the more I realise that as we clear one layer then more comes up for clearing.  And if you ever get to a time when nothing upsets you and you have no triggers then you will be asked to clear out programming for the wider humanity.

What’s the gift?

I realise what I have just said may feel overwhelming and yet there are other perspectives to consider.  You can press pause at any time and come back to the work when you are ready.  And every breakthrough you get gives you more clarity and builds your intuitive muscle. You will notice that in two ways: greater clarity around your own life purpose; and more understanding about the paradoxical nature of life and what’s happening around you.  And as you clear, you raise your vibration and the evidence for that comes in terms of the kinds of people and situations you are attracting into your life.

What does this have to do with the chakras?

Let’s take the issue of scarcity which hides a sense of insecurity.  One of the ways people tend to deal with this is by keeping busy and monitoring their success externally. Perhaps that shows up in terms of seeing how many likes they get on a social media post.  Sometimes my clients link their sense of self worth to the level of financial security. That can be very challenging especially when you are not earning enough.  It is why many talk about the importance of a  daily gratitude practice.  Cicero said: Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.

You need to look deeper and start exploring your chakras. The seven chakras are the main energy centres of the body. Healers often talk about “unblocking” your chakras, which refers to the idea that when all of our chakras are open, energy can run through them freely, and harmony exists between the physical body, mind, and spirit.

That’s why the 15 chakra bottles in the Colour Mirrors system are the heart of this glorious system.  They include the regular chakra bottles and the enlightened chakra bottles.  And they offer us a key to understanding how to deal with some of these core issues using colour.  

Being in survival mode is a root chakra issue.  Often it leads to people developing a strong red busy pattern in attempt to alleviate that sense of insecurity. In such a scenario life is full but very few of the experiences are digested or savoured as the focus is on what’s coming next.  

In such situations the corresponding bottle which is made up of the complementary colours can offer a glimpse of what’s needed.  Green is often the antidote to busyness.  As you love whatever is showing up in your life you see the potential for growth and opportunity.  All that requires space to slow down so you can be in the present and notice what wants to unfurl.

You start thriving when you work with the enlightened root chakra bottle.  Even its colour – clear over clear – gives you a clue.  There is an abundance of energy, time and space present here. If you can stop rushing and take a moment to breathe, something will show up. I recall a couple of weeks back being in a wonderful conversation at a colour conference.  We were outside and we noticed this robin looking at us and cocking his head and singing.  It was beautiful to behold and has anchored that moment in my memory.

Such clear moments allow us to explore our own story of awakening. There is a moment of recognition when we realise that our tense grasping onto the survival operating system can be released.  With practice, intention and grace you will be able to let go and surrender. That creates more space that allows you to respond to the invitation of seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. Then no longer so trapped in the consuming ups and downs of mere survival, we come to rest more securely in the natural great peace of Being.

If you would like to go deeper into this then do consider joining my chakra course starting at the end of May. Message me to find out more.

How do you move from survival mode to Being mode?
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