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How frequently do you get asked how you are?  I had a couple of people ask me that on Friday.  And I noticed so many feelings flow through me as I reflected on how to respond.  With the first person who asked me, I know if I had shared the truth, it would not have served our relationship so I shared what was palatable.  Even then the response that came back was one of sympathy, which is little more than pity.  I was glad that I discerned correctly what our relationship could bear; and yet at the same time the limits saddened me. Communication, a fundamental aspect of Turquoise, does indeed have a two way flow as this example illustrates.

Turquoise: the energy of storytelling

It feels that much of life is flowing at a fast pace.  When that happens it can affect your own pace and you may feel you have to speed up to match the rhythm of life.  I am so grateful for how rich my life is at present and thank all those of you that are making it so.  An aspect of Turquoise is storytelling and sometimes reframing to see other perspectives. And as that sinks in, I am reminded of another conversation in which a client/ friend urged me to share more of my stories around colour.  So here is one for you based on the bottles that clients have been choosing this week.

Know too that as you change, so will your perspective, and the message Turquoise has for you is that you can change your story of what happened in the past at any time. You can choose which details to focus on and how to interpret events, for you are being encouraged to claim your power as a storyteller. Make no mistake— storytelling is an awesome power, for no one can take your truth away from you. But you may discover that it has more angles than you realized, just as a crystal turned over in your hand has more facets than apparent at first glance. What story will you tell? 

This week I had an ear ache for a few days and as that has got better, I am noticing the onset of a sore throat which I also had about a week ago.  What’s interesting is that in that time clients have picked combinations of these bottles and two of them came up in my men’s circle this week.  One of the healing properties of Turquoise is for ears nose and throat maladies. 

Meet Copper Turquoise

What’s fascinating is that Copper Turquoise is a gem stone that belongs to the Turquoise family.  The Copper Turquoise is filled with deposits of copper that form wonderful contours revealing a black and brown matrix. 

Copper Turquoise is considered as a stone of communication. Again this feels synchronous at a time when I have been teaching about the throat chakra which invites you to speak your truthTo what extent are you doing that in your life?

I ask this because often clients are attracted to turquoise bottles when their emotions are blocked and this numbness means that they find it hard to own the full extent of their feelings.  For example one client like this who felt great anger at a perceived injustice described it as mild irritation.  

Where does this inability to express one’s feelings come from?

Let’s start by exploring the middle bottle in this set. In the case of clients that have picked it there’s a trend that I have been seeing in a number of my male clients recently.  They have all been carrying a wounding from trauma experienced in childhood or going right back to birth. The trauma has never been processed and what’s more their early experience has then coloured all aspects of their life.  When we consider that with this week’s theme of speaking your truth; another angle we become aware of when blue bottles are picked is that those people want to keep the peace whatever the cost to them because they have more fear around what conflict will bring..

Connection to earth

Interestingly the copper bottle came up twice this week and it is rarely ever picked.  Initially in a 1 to 1 session with a client who has experienced a fair amount of trauma in the last few years.  She needed to hear that she was safe on earth; that this planet could be both her sanctuary and her playground.  

It also came up in our men’s circle as many recognised the importance and value of being touched; and how through those sensations it can release suppressed emotions.  We took it further when I led an Earth meditation. I shared how Gaia holds each of us in an unconditional embrace and is our home.  Gaia also offers us water to cleanse; air to breathe; fire to warm ourselves; woods for shelter; and metals for our use.  Our bodies are composed of all these elements – we are children of the earth. When this understanding sinks in, it can be very grounding.

And the third bottle?

In some ways the solid Turquoise bottle counters the stability and solidity of the Core (the solid Copper bottle). It represents Heraclitus’ perspective that everything is always in flux and in elemental terms represents water.

Turquoise bottles can often come up when clients are very stuck in a situation.  They tend to over analyse what is going on and may even be resistant to working with colour because they cannot explain how it works in a 3D way.  Depending on which Turquoise bottle it is, there can be a real heaviness in a person’s energy when it comes up. Alternatively it can represent a need to pause to experience stillness to enable movement from entropy to creativity. 

In some respects the two solid bottles are the middle bottle writ large.  What they speak to is an ability to bring mystical teachings to wider audience by doing it in a grounded and heart-felt way. Their message also penetrates beyond the conscious mind.

With all this information, which bottle would you choose out of these three and why?  Drop me an email with those comments or respond to the posts currently out on social media and I will share some insights specifically for you.

How easy do you find it to speak your truth?
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