39. Bliss


This bright sparkling orange spray connects us with the deepest inner knowing that bliss is a possibility, a state we can actually experience in our lives. This essence makes bliss real. It does so by igniting our inner fire of divinity and the enthusiasm that allows us to go and look for the state of bliss as a permanent part of our being. Enthusiasm ignites us to take on the world and works on keeping our hearts focused on an outcome of abundance. It allows us to be ambitious in a way that is inclusive rather than something that only works for us. It allows us to get out of our own way and lets us succeed in ways that will look quite miraculous when we look back. This is such an important step on the path to the highest possible spiritual achievement ? a way to be spiritual and successful and in bliss and living heaven on earth in a real material way. This is 3D bliss in our everyday lives.

This essence will also help us heal the hole inside us that we have been trying to fill with everything we develop addictions to. It will support us to focus on what we desire instead of being in a state of ‘need’ which just feeds the addictions. This essence will help with addictions to substances as well as all the other things we do to keep us from connectingwith our inner divinity – our inner light and truth.