41. Archangel Gabriel – New


I am Gabriel and my colour is blue-lilac, the colour of the Gateway. I am the angel of the West and represent the element of Water. I herald in the new and am here to show you a new way. The path you have been on is not taking you anywhere and you have been walking in circles. I appear in your reality when you finally realise that the old paths and old patterns no longer suit you. I have come to announce that there is a change in the energy of your reality. You no longer need to carry the old out-dated patterns of your parents? poverty. You no longer need to carry the patterns of your mother’s emotional abuse. You do not need to attract or put up with any of the old patterns that no longer serve you. I am here to show you, to take your hand, to lead you through a new gateway. I am here to announce that the old ways are done. This is when peace, abundance and joy become your new experience. I bring you to a new dawn, the dawning of a new age – the age of Aquarius. I announced the age of Pisces and the birth of the one they called the Christ and now I am here once again to announce not the birth of one Christ but the birth of the new Christed human on the new planet. I am here to announce heaven on earth as you claim your inner Christed self. Now is your time.