44. Archangel Uriel – New


I am Uriel. I am the angel of the North and represent the element of Earth. I help you place your feet gently on the earth, reminding you that you are of the earth too and what a wondrous gift it is to be alive right here right now on this Divine planet. The earth was never meant to remove you from heaven. It was given to you as a precious gift so that you might remember heaven and recreate it for everyone. That is why I am here for you. I am the angel of heaven and of earth and I am here to remind you that you are that too. Together we hold heaven and earth in our being. I remind you that the earth is abundant and lush and rich and filled with beauty. The more you connect with the earth the more abundant and easy your life can be. Walk that information into your reality and you will create your heaven on earth with ease. It is only your tearing sense of separation that creates pain in your life. When you remember that there is no difference between where you came from and where you are, you will instantly manifest heaven. I hold that truth for you, with love.