45. Yeshua


This pale gold essence takes one into a deep connection with the Christ within, in a way that makes the energy of love and light and ascension very real. We are ascending in bodies with 12 strands of our DNA activated so that we can move the planet into the golden age in our fully realised Christed bodies. That is the process we are currently going through and this essence will support our bodies in integrating all the new energies and clear all the old “junk” programmes that we have carried until now. This essence takes us deeper into our authentic power and lets every cell know that the only real power on the planet and all the Universe is Love. There truly is nothing else and enlightened living comes from living love in every moment. This is ancient and brand new. We recognize this essence at the deepest levels as it reminds us of everything we have committed to come and be at this time. Love and love and love and that is the process and the journey.