One of my coaching clients this week towards the end of our coaching call really wanted to know why it takes time to build a business.  She was also pondering over how colour could help her to get the level of success she was looking for.  Specifically she asked how the bottle pictured would help her.

This is a great question and I thought I would expand on it here because if you receive my newsletter but you haven’t yet done any work with me or we are in the early stages of a coaching relationship, you may be wondering the same thing.  How can a bottle of coloured oil and water with some essential oils in it help you overcome a specific issue you face?

This is even more the case if you are Yellow rather than Red or Blue in my colour quiz which you can find under the video on my website’s home page.  Yellow people want to understand things from a logical perspective and love learning and knowledge for its own sake.  I so get that because that has been my journey too.  So I am going to explore this using an example from building a business and touching on how it shows up in the emotional realm.

The problem with doing free events

Over the last month, many well intentioned holistic practitioners, myself included, have rushed in to respond to the troubled times we find ourselves in by offering free events. It is wonderful and heart warming but it is not sustainable and I am not talking about this from a financial perspective alone.

Putting on any event takes quite a bit of preparation emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.  In short it can be exhausting because it has many elements that you have to get your hands around.  First off you need to come up with good marketing copy that speaks to your intended audience then you have to decide where to place it.

Quite often those new to business or those with the number four in their colour DNA blueprint will think that they have finished after having the idea and then putting it out on social media.  There is an impatience in fours which if you dig deeper can reveal a desire to rush, even cut corners to get to the end point as fast as possible.

Most people know that I have offered two meditations in the past month.  What is less known is that I have actually done three!  The first one I promoted on one platform only and naively believed that many in a heart-centred business group I belong to would leap at the chance of experiencing my work so I advertised it there and sat back and waited.  The result was that I ended up doing a meditation with just one person!

It took a session with my own coach before I realised the error of my ways and even then I remained in denial for a while, convinced that he was overcomplicating the process.  Finally I remembered again the importance of being systematic and building your business on a solid foundation.

Yet that takes more time and for someone with 4 energy that can be hugely frustrating as they just want to get on with it not have to go through a huge learning curve.  Fortunately I have the support of an amazing web designer that takes a lot of the pain out of that.

Mastery for 4s comes through following a step by step process. By the time I came to my third event, I knew the best way to advertise it.  I got 58 people signing up for it on Linkedin and was well aware that not everyone would show up.  All those that registered for it have received a free copy of the recording and I have over 40 new subscribers.

Change can be painful for fours

From the emotional element there’s no telling someone who has 4 energy in their colour blueprint DNA.  They know best and they have to learn the hard way because they tend to have a stubborn streak.  Often they experience “tower moments,” enforced change because they have resisted the gentle nudges they receive from the Universe.

The Divine works in subtle ways. In my experience it rarely talks as a loud voice in your head, instead you may get a warm feeling or a sense of knowing. These kinds of signals are easy to miss when you are rushing towards the next thing in the external world. And it’s why we all need another to guide us, someone who is a few steps ahead of us on the road.

To expand on what I said at the start of this article, people with four energy are fascinated and resist colour in equal measure.  They love the experiences they have with bottles and the release they can get through working with them.  And then their ego mind comes in and questions the whole process and stops them in their tracks so they feel stuck again.  The key here is to remember that the longest journey you will ever take is the one from the head to your heart.

The conundrum that all those with four energy are playing out was so well articulated by Einstein.  “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

When you can start to trust your intuition by connecting to your heart and start listening to the yearnings of your soul then the magic happens.  This is the depth of the transformation I offer so if you are ready to take the plunge do get in touch.  It would delightful to see if we are a good fit.

Why being systematic is the key to building a successful business
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