Bedford river at sunrise ~ Kate Griffiths

Drink in this image as the reflection of the light on the water reminds us that the extraordinary can be found in the ordinary. Let me explain further…

Over the last couple of weeks I have been diving into a course in miracles, a book that was published anonymously and whose author was not revealed until after her death at her request.  She was not interested in fame which she realised is illusory. Her main focus was to help humanity wake up from the illusion that life presents. She claimed that the book was channelled through by Jesus. And it is incredibly enlightening in terms of what it reveals.  And I continue to dip into Richard Rohr’s Divine-inspired work to gain insights.

My sense is that at this time I am being asked to sit in prayer or meditation more frequently to determine what is next for me. I have felt the need to let go of a great deal of what I have been doing in my business to allow space to see what wants to emerge.  At times this level of not knowing feels terrifying. And yet in other ways it is revealing more of the path.  Let me share an example with you.

I have been aware of a shift in my business both in terms of what I have an appetite to offer and what’s happening within my client base.  My old self would have probably struggled with all this uncertainty and change and placed all sorts of interpretations on why this was happening.  Instead what I am noticing is that as I follow my heart, other revenue generating options are showing up.

I have had some new client referrals come in which is lovely and potentially a couple of new strands of work that I am exploring.  And a former client said no to one offer and asked me if I would be willing to do some one to one work with them.

How is that happening?

The whole premise of a course in miracles is that only love is real and anything else you are feeling is unreal.  The challenge is that for many this is to hard a concept to grasp because of our learnt behaviour over years and the conditioning that we have experienced.  Our survival patterns are such that we are hard wired to negativity so when things do not go the way we want then we tend to think the worst!

When I was going through the process of what next and continuing with my daily practice including the walking of my dog Benji, I opened myself to love by sitting in my heart and letting the light in.  And then undertook aligned action.

One of the steps I took

It came to me to visit a friend who had been ill for a long time to drop off my version of a ready meal.  I hadn’t planned to stay but she asked me to return after my dog walk for a coffee.  We spent two hours chatting and connecting.  She introduced me to Dutch wafers that are warmed over your coffee which was delicious.  At the end of our time together she commented on how much more positive she felt and I left feeling lighter in my being too.

Getting the rhythm of being and doing in balance for yourself is not easy. If you don’t set an intention nothing will happen likewise if you take no action and hope it will all come through meditation.  It is a combined effort. The following quotation may help:

We must listen, wait, and pray for our charism and call. Most of us are really only good at one or two things. Meditation should lead to a clarity about who we are and, maybe even more, who we are not.

Richard rohr

The last part of his quotation reminds me of something a friend said to me recently: I pray that God will slam the door shut if an opportunity is not right for me. It helps to receive guidance on both elements.

I had an amazing experience when I spent 10 minutes doing the following practice offered by Teresa Blythe. If you try it be open to receiving guidance through visions or images; it is unlikely to be a voice from on high.  It may also simply be a feeling of deeper peace.  I was very lucky and felt that I was administered to by Jesus himself.  

Teresa Blythe practice…

  • Resolve to be in prayer for at least five minutes. Do not answer the phone or allow yourself to be distracted from your goal.
  • Be seated and say to yourself, “Here I am seated, doing nothing. I will do nothing for five minutes” (or longer, depending on the time you set for yourself).
  • ​​​​​​​Begin noticing your own bodily presence—how your body feels next to the chair; how your feet feel against the floor. Relax your body. Notice what you feel inside.
  • Now notice the presence of all that is around you. Say to yourself, “Here I am in the presence of the room (garden, chapel, wherever you are).” Be aware of the furniture, walls, and any pets or people in the room. Just be present and silent in your environment. Relax even more.
  • Now say to yourself, “Here I am in the presence of God.” Repeat silently to God, “Here I am.” Bask in the presence of the Holy One until your time goal has been reached.

If you do undertake the practice please drop me a line and let me know what came up for you.  To deepen it you may wish to start by spritzing a Colour Mirrors essence onto each hand and into your aura.  

And if you love the idea of exploring this further email me on for details of my 19 Feb retreat.

What does living consciously look like?
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