Are you ready to break with convention and blossom?

First and foremost expect to slow down and bring your focus fully back to you.

The process of Coaching with Colour is centered on guiding you towards a better understanding of what’s stopping you from being your whole, strong, emotional and spiritual self. If you’re ready we will help you get there; and see results.

Practically, we begin with a face-to-face discovery session. We look at the colours which correspond to your full date of birth or blueprint DNA then begin your journey with an in-depth discussion about you and who you are – including your aspirations and what might be holding you back.

In this initial session we will fully introduce the concept of colour and how we work with it, over time, for best effect.

Mindfulness, systemic thinking and NLP are some of the influences which will intersperse how we work, as does a commitment from you to self-reflection and working at home with colour using relevant essences and oils. It’s these which will help unlock emotions and insights at various stages of your journey.

After the initial session we usually work with clients for between 6-9 months, meeting at regular intervals. See pricing.

Inspired? Got questions? Contact us to talk through how Coaching with Colour can work for you.