Being in our power is key if we want to impact the world around us and yet many of us have experienced the abuse of power and perhaps shy away from shining our light. I felt called to share more about yellow and gold because over the last three weeks or so these colours have kept coming up with my clients. And the start of my day this morning was very different from what I expected and in part that’s because I did something very different. I feel that also provided a clue in how to be with power so I will start by sharing that.

One of the reasons that we get stuck sometimes as we keep doing the same things and expect a different answer. Yesterday one of my clients shared that she’s ready to finish our one to one sessions. Her honesty allowed us to explore what was coming up. One of the things that I noticed was a pattern that had been present during our time walking together. When she is fired up by a new idea she’s full of enthusiasm and has the courage to leap off the abyss into something new. This is part of the fire energy I know and love in Chinese medicine. And what’s worth recognising is that when it is burning brightly it brings many along with it. However often it burns out quickly and then there is no energy to move forward. Tony Blair had a lot of this fire energy and the challenge is that for others it can look like you doing u-turns on policy and keep changing your mind. Those who are really fiery keep looking for the next bright thing and struggle to commit to one path which is why it can feel as if they have not got far. It’s important to commit to the path and keep going even when no one is cheering you on.

Conversely Professor Richard Wiseman who considered whether success was based on luck came up with another theory which I experienced today and that is that if you always follow the same path then it is much harder to discover new opportunities. In his research,, Wiseman discovered that those who changed things up regularly, like taking different routes to work, seemed to be luckier. This is because mental habits can be part of what keeps us stuck. And yellow one of the colours linked to power that I explore in the video is linked to the mental and the way that we think.

Changing it up

Today I went right when I went over the bridge on my morning walk with the dog in part because I wanted to do something for my daughter and I discovered a whole new world. I found a series of houses I would love to live in because their gardens back onto the river and a path of pure beauty all because I did not go left. It has led to some great possibilities for us when we are ready to buy our new house. We would still be close to the centre of town and have the country on our doorstep. It seems perfect.

On the way home I met a woman who lives in my old stomping ground and we got chatting about many things. It was thanks to her that I got some insights about what I needed to cover in my latest video and that was because in looking at her daughter’s colour DNA blue print for her, we started talking about sovereignty and how being in your authentic power can be difficult especially if you force it or are trying to control everything in your environment.

These examples show that when we come from the heart, the magic happens.

Breaking out

The ability to shift comes when we can relax and trust the Divine because we know we are not in the driving seat, rather Source is. When you get out of your own way, you can experience freedom and insights. It sounds easy but it isn’t because the ego likes to be in charge and so will resist anything that appears to be wresting control from it. In these moments tuning into the still small voice of calm can feel like a pipe dream.

This is where working with colour can help because it can shift your stuckness and also bring in more fun and play which can allow you to feel lighter and more able to deal with whatever shows up. A couple of spritzes from an essence can really help you to shift state and it is so much easier than remembering to say a mantra or follow a process for 21 or 30 days.

The way through

Being in your sovereignty becomes easier when you realise that energy goes where attention goes. Yellow can help you focus so focus on being, the antithesis to doing.

Power comes from forgiveness which leads to wisdom and ultimately bliss

This can also be challenging because so much of the dominant narrative in society is on doing and achievement through doing. The more you follow that siren call/ trap, the more you become entangled in chains that cause pain which brings us to the key to happiness: forgiveness. When you deconstruct forgiving, you get for giving: for giving is receiving. One of the ultimate truths is that giving and receiving are one. We need to be open to receive and yet success lies through supporting others because that can flood you with a sense of indescribable bliss. As the colours photographed show: power comes through forgiving yourself and others as that leads to wisdom and insight and ultimately bliss.

To capture the full essence of this journey then click to watch my video on this topic.

What’s your relationship with power?