Working Together

Two people can achieve far more than just one person alone. Let’s ensure you’re moving from good to great in your journey to successful, spiritual and real. We can do this. Together.


Falling the success of the two Expansion through Colour (ETC) programmes I ran in the Autumn of 2017, I will be running one more ETC w/e on 20-21 January 2018. This is an opportunity to take a deep dive into colour and heal up whatever is holding you back on your life journey. Email me to book your place and you can read more details about it on my Facebook Business Page. Completing the w/e will help you decide whether you want to go further with colour and become a Colour Practitioner. The feedback from a recent participant was It truly was a life changing experience, a gentle path of self-exploration and finding the way to your true self.

I love bringing people together to connect and learn. As a coach my USP is the way that I blend together all that I have learnt in a way that is tailormade to the individual or group I am working with. A Technical Director client of mine wrote: I originally went to see Kate for mindfulness training but found her way of looking at the world refreshing and challenging, so we moved to a coaching relationship with some mindfulness and other personal development techniques – a more bespoke approach than standard coaching I have experienced before. I would say this mixture is a strength of Kate’s. She made me think, she helped me approach a number of work challenges in a successful way, and I enjoyed and benefitted from the sessions. Find out more by booking in for a free taster. 

The best way to learn is through play.  Why not host a colour party for you and five friends? It is a fun way to explore how colour can help you move up a gear, and get more of what you want consistently and it takes just three hours. I can flex so that it is day or evening to fit your life, with your place in the workshop free as a thank you for bringing a group together. Investment £60 for each of your five friends. Alternatively you can share the discount with them and each pay £50.

I also run retreats with Kath Roberts. From time to time we run a three day residential programme Colourful Immersion. Want a taster of that experience? Check out the video. Get in touch if you want to find out more about our programmes.

one-to-one coaching sessions with Colour Therapy, Mindfulness, Mentoring and more.

We’ll find out what you need and want, and how you’re going to make it happen. Unlock your potential, regain your confidence and grow.

The Business 360°

A fresh pair of eyes gives you a whole new perspective. Where are your business’s current strengths and weaknesses? Where’s the unlocked power and potential? Bring together purpose and profit, and start going from good to great.

Your life, your choices

The free taster

A one-off 30 minute Skype chat. Let’s explore if we’re a natural fit. Like a taster menu at the best restaurant, you’ll sample the unique blend of what I do best; results-orientated transformation.

60 magical minutes

Experience how coaching with mindfulness and colour therapy restores your flow. A one-hour session gives you room to breathe and grow again. Pre-book 12 session for the price of 10. Per-session investment £100.

MOT for your Business

A full-day deep-dive into both you and your business. Make significant shifts through a unique blend of colour therapy, mindfulness, mentoring and coaching to give you radical insights in what to do next. Discover your true worth and glimpse the gold at the end of the rainbow.  10 – 4pm, includes lunch and one bottle or spray to work with. Investment £550.

Money Magnet Manifestation

Ready to take your business to the next level? Ensure greater ease and flow with a top-level 12 month mentoring package. A 90 minute session per month over one year and access to my hand-picked contacts for top-flight business support  through their logo design skills, video making expertise and webinar creation experience. It’s the ultimate personal and a professional make over. I’ll support your transformation from the inside out, and my colleagues will transform your business externally. Investment £2,499.