I’m Kate Griffiths, an author, foodie, fire walker and mum who loves to explore new territory literally and in the mind. With extensive experience of coaching and facilitation, I hold space for what wants to unfold.

I enable organisations, teams and individuals to find a true sense of direction using a variety of methods, of which I believe colour is the most powerful.

Using this unique tool I can guide you towards a better understanding of what’s stopping you from being your whole self and guide you on a new path to purpose, fulfilment and joy.

Clients have said:

Rebecca McCann, Therapist

I attended one of Kate's introduction to mindfulness retreat days and although my intention was to attend for professional development, I found the meditation techniques enabled me to open up parts of my mind that I hadn't realised needed opening! I have a history of depression and use mindfulness myself; Kate's teaching and guidance through the meditations were great and I felt very relaxed all day. As a Mum myself and a professional who works with new Mums I believe Kate's friendly style of working would be hugely beneficial to support anyone going through a stressful life change to reach a place of acceptance that enables them to enjoy life more. Rebecca McCann

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