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“My reason for setting up Whole Self Leadership came from an inner longing to feel whole and accepted in all the various parts of myself. So often due to challenges, often from childhood, we become either “provers” or “pleasers.”

In my case I was a “prover.”  I had a hunger for knowledge and a prodigious appetite for words.  I used to believe that I would find the answer to those big questions through reading. Developing my mind was all part of my deep yearning for love and approval.  Even though I got a first class honours degree, an MBA and then landed a great job as a consultant at PwC (one of the big four consultancies) there was still an inner restlessness.  15 years ago, I found Reiki and that helped to open up my mind to new possibilities and a new way of being.  It still took another eight years before I had the courage to set up my business. And that was only because of a big wake up call:  I ended up in a women’s hospital in Warsaw in August 2011 and had to have an emergency operation to contain blood loss.

You give me the confidence, support, direction and understanding to be me, to learn to be comfortable about who I am and help me achieve my true dreams and aspirations. The qualities you bring to the table are honesty, transparency, out of the box thinking, a beautiful soul and positive reinforcement. You are not afraid to question and can often see things from a different perspective. I am able to connect with you both emotionally and professionally, which is a rare combination to find” ~ Robert Isherwood.

And what happened next:

The investment I made in myself led to many insights some of them came instantaneously others came over time.  In the first thirty years of my life I felt a great deal of anger towards my parents.  The story I told myself was that they had treated me differently to my brother.  Whilst there was some truth in that what it took me years to see was that it was a blessing.  It gave me a strong sense of social justice and led to me on this path to doing work that I love.

What took even longer for me to recognise was that due to inadequate mothering, I had over-developed my internal masculine which was why I needed to prove that I was as competent if not more capable than my brother.  It was probably rather unbearable being in my company back then because I needed to show how much I knew, how brilliant I was.  In short my ego was having a field day!

I share this because it is what enables me to really understand other Alpha females because I was one for so long.  Today I work with powerful females, often leaders in their field and help them rebalance their masculine and feminine.  It can feel really scary to show your vulnerability and yet that is what your soul yearns for. 

In a similar way I have great success working with men and women who are very in touch with their feminine but struggle to find a way to express their authority because they are too busy pleasing others and trying to ensure that everything is harmonious.  In so doing they forget their own needs.

I guess for years I was always in a hurry, finding it hard to slow down, to take a breath because I had so much to prove.  I finally realised that there are no quick fixes that it is about showing up consistently with love.  That said I totally appreciate clients’ desire for results and because I work intuitively when I work one to one with you, it only takes between 6 – 9 sessions to get the shift you are looking for.

My intentions:

To work with individuals, teams, organisations and young people so that they understand and appreciate that emotions are energy in motion.  Also to grasp the concept that if you consistently suppress or repress your feelings, you are in danger of experiencing issues with your physical health. Wanting to work with young people has come out of learning how to be a mum to  a daughter with dyslexia, dyspraxia and processing issues. 

Currently there is a lot of talk about mental health but I believe it has been misnamed and should be renamed emotional health.  These are more that beliefs they are based on my reality such as what happened in Poland in 2011.  

I am a big thinker who loves conversation and playing with ideas and so one of my gifts is the ability to blend all that I have learnt to help you find a new, fresh perspective. Another is my ability to get to the heart of the issue with laser-like precision thanks to my logical mind.  The process I use with individuals, teams and organisations is creative enabling people to get out of their head so that they can start trusting their intuition and so see more of the bigger picture.  It is powerful because it combines healing, therapy and coaching.

Some of the tools that I use such as colour and running fire walks are not widely understood and yet they are very effective in helping clients address their subconscious fears.  I am very much an advocate of what Arthur Koestler wrote: Magic is the science we don’t understand yet.

What I offer is space for deep connection in recognition that underneath every complaint and behaviour that is what people are seeking.  When you feel you belong, you can then create a business that is a force for good.  I say that having a deep understanding of inclusion: I set up the first women’s network in PwC, after establishing the firm’s Public Sector Consulting Practice; I was also a mentor for the Network of Black Professionals and have looked at ways to increase representation in organisations as well as doing a Diversity Audit of the House of Commons.

If this resonates then let’s talk.

Clients have said:

Rebecca McCann, Therapist

I attended one of Kate's introduction to mindfulness retreat days and although my intention was to attend for professional development, I found the meditation techniques enabled me to open up parts of my mind that I hadn't realised needed opening! I have a history of depression and use mindfulness myself; Kate's teaching and guidance through the meditations were great and I felt very relaxed all day. As a Mum myself and a professional who works with new Mums I believe Kate's friendly style of working would be hugely beneficial to support anyone going through a stressful life change to reach a place of acceptance that enables them to enjoy life more. Rebecca McCann

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