What keeps you as a senior leader awake at night?   

You are probably thinking about how to maintain momentum in your organisation; how to ensure that your business is innovative and change ready.  What supports that is a strong cultural identity.  How do you create that?

Business like so much of life is all about relationships.  We all do business we those we like, know and trust.  Think about your own experiences: the times you have gone the extra mile for someone.  At the heart of that decision there was probably a great deal of respect for what that person stood for.

The essence of what I do is built on the understanding that the desire for connection lies at the heart of all that we are.  I use systems thinking and colour when I work with senior leadership teams enabling conversations that allow them to see what matters and what the points of agreement are. 

I create bespoke programmes to help bring visions and values to life and create transformational cultures. I do all that using a set of spiritual principles based on the fundamentals which are being, belonging and becoming. As Simon Meyer, the CEO of Future You said:

“Art of Leadership has been a part of the Future You story since before the beginning. It’s the only way to truly embed a fresh take on people strategy, organisational development and executive coaching. Kate Griffiths has played an instrumental role in the design, development, implementation and execution of key learning programs that are taking us into clear head space versus sector competitors. Longer term, Art of Leadership provide a sustained advantage for Future You but quite frankly what they do goes far beyond that in terms of unlocking and enabling great people to be amazing. They work and give from the heart and it shows in everything they do. This approach has formed a key part of our employment value proposition and longer term the proposition for all of our key people. We are privileged to work with them and love having them as part of the Future You family.”

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