Colour Rocks!™

We all want the best for our children, and it’s natural to worry about their mental and emotional health. 

Social media is playing a big part in many of their lives, and often their days are so structured with school, homework and hobbies that there is little time for them to really process their emotions.  

Then hormones hit and it can feels hard to get through to them without becoming a nag…..

Whilst we can ensure that they eat healthily and that their physical needs are cared for, nourishing their emotional needs can be tougher. 

Here’s where Colour Rocks™ can help:

Colour Rocks™ is an eight-week course designed to build emotional resilience in young people from the ages of 10 upwards.

The programme helps kids feel good about themselves and begin to really understand their emotions – vital life skills, particularly as they hit puberty.

It also introduces tools to deal with performance anxiety, helping kids manage the pressure of school work, tests and exams.  

For this special course we are running eight 2 hour group sessions at a central Hitchin location on a Saturday or Sunday, dependent on what works for attendees.

If your child finds it challenging to articulate how they are feeling, seems anxious or worried from time to time or has more deep-rooted mental health challenges, Colour Rocks can help.

Why Colour Rocks™ works

Our programme is based on the following principles:

  1. Bringing a focus onto personal awareness and emotional range so young people can understand their emotions and better self-regulate in any given moment 
  1. Helping young people understand how to navigate the emotional field by sharing the importance of compassion for self and building acceptance of different perspectives 
  1. Supporting positive self-regard by encouraging a focus on the greater good – others, community, family 
  1. Introducing the concept of ownership and accountability to build responsibility & initiative taking
  1. Use of conscious, positive language construction to increase levels of optimism 
  1. Bringing young people together in group format so they can develop a support framework and friendships, creating a sense of belonging beyond the eight week programme
  1. Giving encouragement and feedback to build connection to the intuitive self and to harness creativity 
  1. Introducing a range of energetic tools with aspects of the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual to develop a more vital, cohesive individual.

What makes our programme different from others is that we take a ‘whole brain’ approach that incorporates visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and olfactory elements through the use of colour.  

As the designers are both NLP trained the programme incorporates a wide range of learning styles, effective with many kinds of children.  

About Us

Between them Kate and Kath have over 30 years experience of leading organisations, coaching and facilitating and have worked with over 1000 people of all ages.  

Kate is passionate about this programme because one of her daughters was diagnosed with dyslexia, dyspraxia and processing issues and so she learnt new ways of working to support her.  She wants to share those with others.  Kath has designed resilience materials for the Samaritans.

Our most recent testimonial from Sarah Graham, Artist:

What’s it been like working with colour?

I have found working with colour has given me greater insight into my thoughts and feelings, and what makes me the person I am.  I have always found it very grounding and fascinating how so much of what Kate tells me about my colour choices rings true at that point in my life. I love the fact I am in control in that I choose the colours, therefore the outcome has originated from deep within me.

How has working with colour impacted on your mental and emotional health?

It’s given me a greater understanding of my mental health and my bipolar disorder, it’s made me more forgiving of myself, and reassured me that I’m on the right path and growing as a person despite my challenges.

To what extent has it helped you build emotional resilience?

It’s helped me have a better understanding of myself at a deep level, it’s the most positive therapy I’ve experienced, as its focus is on growth and healing.