After working with colour you will feel lighter and more resourced when it comes to dealing with your issues.

Four principles that really help you break through

First and foremost expect to slow down and bring your focus fully back to you. Busyness is a disease in society that prevents you from being in true relationship with yourself.

Principle 1: Colour to connect

Each colour vibrates at its own frequency and represents different feelings. As a force of energy it can work with you to help you sidestep limiting beliefs.  It enables you to get out of your head and connect to what really matters. Colour is a combination of energy and emotion that can lead to self-acceptance. 

Principle 2: Process of unlearning

Your mind can become a prison. It’s important to understand how your mind works. For transformation to occur, you need to shed layers of thoughts, habits and labels that you have collected over time that no longer serve you. And a number of those reside at the subconscious level. Colour can help bring them into your conscious awareness.

Principle 3: Learning the language of emotions

When you experience any kind of trauma or negativity, you tend to replay it in your mind to understand what happened. That just hardwires it in. Much of your “software” is programmed when you are young which can explain challenges as an adult. Colour will help you to express those suppressed or repressed emotions so you can release them.

Principle 4: Coming to wholeness

You are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. Early in your life you dealt with pain by over-relying on either your masculine (decision-making and logical faculties) or your feminine (creating harmony and giving to others). Colour helps you to reset your default so that you experience a greater sense of wellbeing.

The process of Coaching with Colour focuses on guiding you towards a better understanding of what’s stopping you from being your whole, strong, emotional and spiritual self. If you’re ready I will help you get there; and see results.

Practically, I begin with a discovery session either in person or online. Together we look at the colours which correspond to your Colour DNA blueprint then begin your journey with an in-depth discussion about you and who you are becoming.

In this initial session I will introduce the concept of colour to you and how we will work with it, over time, for best effect.

Heart coherence (a form of breathing), systemic thinking and NLP are some of the influences which inform the way I work. In return I expect you to commit to self-reflection and working at home with colour using the relevant essences and oils. It’s these which will help unlock emotions and insights at various stages of your journey.

Below is what my client, Sarah Graham said:

I have found working with colour has given me greater insight into my thoughts and feelings, and what makes me the person I am.  I have always found it very grounding and fascinating how so much of what Kate tells me about my colour choices rings true at that point in my life. I love the fact I am in control in that I choose the colours, therefore the outcome has originated from deep within me.

It’s given me a greater understanding of my mental health and my bipolar disorder, it’s made me more forgiving of myself, and reassured me that I’m on the right path and growing as a person despite my challenges.

It’s helped me have a better understanding of myself at a deep level, it’s the most positive therapy I’ve experienced, as its focus is on growth and healing.

Inspired? Got questions? If so why not try out my colour quiz and gain further insight into yourself. Or, if you are still not sure then maybe you would like to know a little more about me. Click here to discover my story.