Can I really help you?

My approach works for you if:

  • You are a holistic therapist or spiritual coach in that liminal space.  You know what you know and are at good at it but it no longer excites you. You sense there is more but you cannot quite find that next step.
  • Outwardly you appear strong & got together and that’s just a front. On the surface you look the part: smartly dressed, great hair and eyebrows; and yet most people don’t realise your paddling furiously underneath the surface. True intimacy eludes you because being vulnerable and raw feels too much.

  • You are a leader and appear in control but the effort is costing you. In certain areas people look to you for guidance and yet you feel a bit of a fraud because you have real challenging situations where your sangfroid/ authority deserts you.

  • Financial security prevents you from taking the leap. You are comfortable in the role that you are in but you want more of a stretch. Fear of the unknown and possible failure keeps you in a familiar holding pattern.

  • You have great energy and vision but your business still has not taken off. You are an idealist who knows the world needs to change and you know there is a new way of doing business. It informs everything you do and yet you are frustrated by your lack of success so far.

  • Years have passed and you still have not found your purpose.  You have been a searcher all your life trying out all sorts of modalities, following all kinds of people to get that aha moment. You are frustrated and just want some answers.

  • You live life at 100 miles an hour to block out the pain you haven’t dealt with. You believe if you keep busy and productive, you will stay on top. There’s no time for the luxury of feeling and yet deep inside you there is a yearning for something: an itch you cannot seem to scratch.

These are the kinds of people I work really well with:

Men or women in senior leadership positions who are good at what they do, enjoy earning good money but are not fulfilled in their work and long to find meaningful work but fear its too late to change or that it won’t pay the bills.

Coaches, consultants and organisational development specialists who are doing “world work”and creating the workplace of the future and are not having the impact they want yet.

Women who have a strong masculine that are used to calling the shots and making decisions but find connecting to their feminine really hard.

Men with an accentuated feminine who are good listeners but haven’t found a way to integrate their masculinity and be in their natural authority

It really helps if we share these values:

  • Willing to reflect on the deeper meaning of life. You may not call yourself spiritual but you know that there’s more to life than the material, and you’re willing to explore your connection to Infinite Intelligence and how that shows up for you and your business.

  • Open to learning. You may be stuck but you are curious about new ideas and how to hold multiple perspectives, moving from comfort to stretch for the sake of your own growth.

  • Recognition that the whole is more than the sum of the parts. You understand we are all interconnected and that both giving and receiving are needed for abundance to flow. You want to find your own way to make this world a better place.

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