Colour is fundamental to our lives, emotions, memories and every day life. Think about your favourite places, experiences, art, food, clothes….how would your feelings, thoughts and motivations change if life were devoid of colour?

Here at WSL, I use colour as a tool to shift you from the conventional, black and white ways of thinking which starts from an early age. My approach will help you shed the ideas, thoughts and emotions that are holding you back and help you become more intuitive, inspired, creative and energised.

There’s who we think we are and what we say we are ….and then what happens or spills out from the subconscious.

The unique approach of colour coaching helps to draw out what is hidden so that you can access and process what you learn about yourself and move on with your life rather than repeating the same patterns.

I use colour to inspire self-awareness and explore feelings, strip back layers of experience and thought patterns and release your full, fantastic potential. It can be an incredibly empowering tool – but you have to leave judgement at the door!

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