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Deepening your intuitive intelligence

£660 per journey

For the last four years I have been running colour journeys in groups where we dive deep into one specific colour. These journeys can also be done as a solo pursuit within the comfort of your own home at any time. I supply the bottles, an online self study guide and we have an integration session at the end of your process. Discover which one is for you by reading about copper, coral, pale gold, platinum and silver here.

Colour coaching

£200 per hour

Experience how working with colour can give you the clarity to see how your unconscious patterns are blocking you from making progress.  The price includes the purchase of a CM Oil or Essence which you work with between sessions to integrate all that you have learnt. Click here to find out how it works.

Deep dive Intensive 

£880 per day

We have all experienced trauma: unmet needs. Sometimes we are aware of it, frequently we have stuck emotions deeply buried in our unconscious that can cause physical illness if we remain out of alignment for a long time.  An MOT for your soul could be the option for you. A private one day retreat with me where I provide lunch and help you to unravel what’s really going on. This price includes lunch and a CM Oil and Essence to work with afterwards as a way to process what you are going through..

Conscious Conversations Community

£44 per month

We are hard wired for connection. Imagine meeting with like hearted women twice a month to share and meditate and grow on your spiritual journey whilst learning about colour. This is what the offer is and you can find out more here.

Chemistry session

A one-off free 30 minute chat for new clients. Let’s explore if we’re a natural fit. Like a taster menu at the best restaurant, you’ll sample the unique blend of what I do best – blending intuition & ideas to help you become unstuck and grow.


Colour and numerology   


Curious about colour and want an experience of what it is like?  This half day workshop is fun and gives you insights into the energy frequency of your first and last names; your business name; as well as an insight into the energy of the year that you are in.  The price includes the cost of a CM Oil or Essence that you can take away with you to embed the learning.

Expansion through Colour


This is an opportunity to explore colour in depth over two days and receive some deep healing. Completing the two days will help you decide whether you want to go further with colour and become a Colour Practitioner. The feedback from a recent participant was It truly was a life changing experience, a gentle path of self-exploration and finding the way to your true self.

Colourful Parenting


Two hours a week for 8 weeks or a two days intensive with or without your partner.  Clarity on what triggers you and how to get out of that “ground hog” day of parenting so that you can enjoy it all.  When you think how much a child costs over a life time this is really good value.  A recent participant said she felt “lighter and brighter and more equipped to deal with the challenges that lay ahead.”

Colour Practitioner Course 


This certificated training programme can be done online over three months or in person.  It is so much more than a ‘course’ – it is an adventure that might just be life changing! The personal transformation which the Colour Mirrors system offers works on all aspects of your life – spirit; mind; body; heart; finances; relationships – past, present and future.  You will learn how to use colour to change everything you are ready to change and you will also see in the mirror of colour all the light, magnificence and power you already hold.  One of the great gifts of Colour Mirrors is that it empowers you to know what you already know!

Of course if you are drawn to practice as a colour specialist or add colour to your existing practice, you will be trained in how to offer colour therapy to others but it is also just a wonderful experience for your own personal growth and development and you do not need to be a therapist to take the training.

In this programme you are given the opportunity to:

  • Study and explore the language of colour, how it heals and what it reveals to us
  • Connect with and experience the power of the full range of coloured oils and essences which make up the Colour Mirrors system
  • Get support and advice on setting up as a Colour Practitioner
  • Learn how to interpret the coloured bottles to give insightful readings in a variety of forms
  • Explore your own unique connection with colour and how you work with it best
  • Learn various exciting ways to use colour for healing, growth and spiritual advancement
  • Learn, grow, evolve and enjoy, while expanding your own Divine consciousness and awareness
  • Experience new chakra colours and learn why they are changing
  • Learn colour healing techniques for self healing and work with others

There are no rules with Colour Mirrors, just opportunities and limitless possibilities!  The Colour Mirrors system is incredibly supportive and loving while at the same time being extremely useful and practical.. The energies of the system are very powerful and many shifts take place during the course of the training. There is an expectation that you will buy a starter set of colour bottles and spritzers to work with to integrate the learning and those are not included in the price of the course fee. Payment plans are available. Lorraine Warwick, an accredited counsellor and CM practitioner wrote:

I would highly recommend Kate’s Colour Practitioner training and her Colour and Numerology course.  I did both online which made it all much easier for me.  Both helped me to understand colour and become a competent and confident Colour Mirrors practitioner.  They were fun to do and provided great insights into my own patterns as well as being an opportunity to learn.