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On Tuesday we entered the year of the Water Tiger and you may have already been feeling the change in the energy.  The last two years have been Metal years and in many ways they have been tough particularly last year.  This is because Metal is all about simplifying things however if we over-simplify life we can fall into the trap of black and white thinking.  If you think about what’s been happening on the world stage as we consider our response to Covid-19, there’s plenty of evidence of that on both sides of the debate.  Metal is linked to autumn and the theme of letting go just as most trees let go of their leaves and that too can be challenging.  It’s worth noticing that we are in a Metal block of time because in eight years we will have another two years of Metal.

What does water represent?

Water offers a completely different energy.  In many ways it represents authority.  It allows you to explore this meaty topic because it has a holding energy and quality about it.  Rather like when you are in a river that has a current, you can allow it to carry you along.  Going with the flow does require trust which is another aspect of this year.  Take a moment to go within and reflect on how much you trust yourself: that’s the key to finding your way to authority.  And that is possible when you feel safe which is probably why water feels so reassuring because it’s asking us how safe we are.  And that brings us on to the exciting aspect of water which is an opportunity to explore your purpose and what your legacy is. If you want to dive deeper into any of those aspects, I invite you to consider taking one of the remaining places on my Namibia retreat later this year.

What are the characteristics of the Tiger?

I have always associated the year of the Tiger with taking a risk.  Interestingly when you look at Barnes’ model on how to create peak rapport.  It comes when trust and empathy are established which only happens when openness is present and when you are prepared to take a few risks. In many ways being in rapport is what we all yearn for because as human beings we are hard wired for connection.

The tiger is also a symbol of bravery with its confidence and power that enables us to blaze new trails. It represents passion and love and has the quality of never giving up.  This last quality can ensnare you if not used wisely as it has a tendency to lead to pyrrhic victories where you win the battle and lose the war.  If you are relentlessly dogged about things, you will use up all your energy which is not sustainable.  Lean into the water energy which can help you see the bigger picture and more perspectives.  In essence the water tiger year is a year to heal and be rewarded.

The guiding principles of 2022

When pondering on authority consider this question: 

  1. who has authority over your life?  One of the reasons that I don’t start my day by reading the news is I don’t want it to determine how I feel.  I choose not to give my power away.  Consider your daily habits and actions when contemplating this question. 
  2. Rise above it all so you can lean into your power. People will trigger you and you can allow yourself to be dragged into the drama or choose to model a different way of being.  If being in your power feels a challenge there are power poses you can do to get into that energy.
  3. Align your actions with your soul. The Chinese symbols for water break down into purpose which is about tapping into what you promised to do and be whilst you were here on earth and will power.  The character for will power represents a heart and a blade of grass being pushed through the surface of the earth.  In other words what’s in your heart that you feel you wish to birth by breaking through any barriers.

Now you understand more about the energies of this year you can see why it’s a perfect time to a retreat in Namibia this year.  One of the aspects of water are that there are consequences for every action we take in this year.  If we practise self care by eating healthily and improving our mental, emotional and physical fitness, we will reap the rewards.  If you are ready to go deeper into your purpose by sowing those seeds and reviewing your relationship with authority, I invite you to take one of the remaining places on the retreat. Are you game?

What is the essence of 2022?
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