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When I had a business partner and we worked with CEOs and their top teams we used a psychometric test at the start of any coaching relationship. As those things go Motivational Maps was a pretty good tool because it was a blend of three other well known models that included the Enneagram, a personal favourite of mine. I mention it because Maps consisted of 9  intrinsic motivations one of which was defined as searcher.  Searchers are searching for meaning and want to make a difference.  And when I took the test I wasn’t surprised to see that as one of my top three motivations.

Energetically we tend to attract those like us into our fold so I find that many of my clients are wired that way too. It’s a wonderful intrinsic motivation to have AND it’s worth looking what’s on the other side of that.  The thirst for meaning can drive you on a quest to uncover more and more and the danger with that approach if followed to excess is that you don’t appreciate what’s right there in front of you.  Let me go deeper so you see what I mean.

Seeking is an aspect of Magenta people who at their essence are yearning to be reconnected to the language of their soul. How this might show up for you is that as you start to become more conscious and start seeing the traps within 3D reality and long for a more expansive way of being.  You question the old ways of doing things and seek alternatives.

The problem is that you can become addicted to the search. How that tends to play out is that you find the next shiny toy and for a while you completely fall in love with it and are really enthusiastic.  As an example if it was a particular personal development tool you cannot get enough of that modality until the honeymoon is over.  Then you start to become disenchanted with it and to pull away and start exploring new modalities in the hope that you will find the answer.  This can go on for years.

What’s really going on?

The truth is that you are employing a strategy of avoidance, you don’t want to do the deeper work.  Magenta works on the limbic system – the seat of emotional memories.  Often at the unconscious level if in your present you are reminded of an event from your past that caused you pain, your reptilian brain will shut it down and prevent the real work from happening as a way to protect you from further pain. For example about a year ago I had a new client who loved magenta.  She really wanted to work with me and paid for an initial session and a couple of magenta bottles.  Then it all started to unravel.  She began questioning all sorts of things in her external reality because her reptilian brain had put the brakes on to stop the change from happening. Unfortunately not enough safety had been created for me to maintain that relationship so it ended before it truly began.

The challenge in such situations is that at the conscious level what you receive is signs that confirm your sense of disenchantment.  Unless you are aware of the underlying issues what is most likely is that you will act on them. That will take you further and further away from the pain point and what could have helped you if you had stuck with it.

What’s the answer?

Learn to lean into the discomfort and find out what the gift is in the situation.  Be really honest with yourself so you can start to see some of the deep-seated patterns.  Awareness helps you to transmute the shadow and find the gold.  Here’s an example of what I mean.

Six months ago approximately I set up a group with an inquiry about conscious living.  The core membership of the group has remained steadfast.  There have been moments where I for one have felt really triggered.  And despite many occasions where I almost withdrew, i have hung in there.  At times I have had to face some tough truths about myself.  All that apart I wouldn’t change anything about it. I have learnt so much from being part of it.  Not only that because we look out for each at a spiritual level everyone’s business has continued to grow and get into flow – it’s like a mastermind but doesn’t follow any of the normal rules for those kind of groups.

To conclude ask yourself am I a seeker?  You will know deep down whether you are.  And if so how often do you fall for the next shiny thing?  Remember it may not be an object, it may be the belief that there is a relationship out there that’s going to give you your soulmate or give your business the leverage it needs.  And whatever you do don’t



beat yourself up about it.  Remember we need red to make magenta; and those with a lot of red in their colour palette tend to have a lot of passion and drive as well as a tendency to want the answers now.  Whilst those with more magenta in their colour DNA blueprint know at some level that the answer comes the more you are able to move beyond 3D consciousness. I am sharing all this because a theme of the Metal Ox year is about loving and accepting yourself as you are! As a first step take a look at these two colour bottles and see which colour you are most drawn to.  If you want to know more then do drop me a line.


All that glitters is not gold: how often do you fall for the next shiny thing?
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