Lionsgate: you could be in for a bumpy ride

Welcome to August!  Here in the Northern hemisphere we are enjoying the happy lazy days of summer.  This means relaxing and taking it easy so you can recharge.  Personally I have been taking time off to be with my family.  And I am noticing quite a few of my clients are doing the same.  The beauty of this is you get to recharge and that may give you some great ideas about how to approach the last quarter of 2021.  Today is Lion’s Gate so I wanted to share some thoughts with you. 

We are in the thick of Leonine energy right now which is connected to the heart.  It’s a powerful time.  And in terms of the elementals it is very much connected to Fire which means there’s potential for vast passion.  This can show up in two ways.  It can make it feel like anything is possible and give you a surge of energy. For maximum effect you need to feel the deep connection with the Earth.  This can come through bare foot meditations outside or by taking time to be in nature.  Having that groundedness will help prevent the other aspect that is present at this time.  Unbounded heart energy can see the wounded self running the show and then you may see greater impulsiveness and find yourself saying/ doing things that lead to the sparks flying.

Often Lionsgate is a very positive time but this year we are seeing a lot of shock and trauma. If you notice these tremors do not fear, take time to bolster your sacral and solar plexus chakras. See which colour essence is calling you to help with that, for me it would be Fire or Gold Dragon; and if you are ready to go deeper think about taking one of the remaining places on my forthcoming chakra course. You can watch my Lionsgate video here.

Have the sparks been flying?
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