I loved receiving these golden orange roses and my heart also sank.  Roses tend not to last well and I was thinking it’s the middle of winter and so they probably won’t last more than three or four days.  How wrong was I!  See the results below.

I am using my roses as an analogy because at the heart of the transformation was loving kindness.  Yes I did have my moment of negativity.  That’s totally normal as we hardwired for that.  And then I let the love I felt in receiving the flowers flow through me and shape my response.

The normal pattern when life is tough

It is so easy when the money isn’t flowing for example to start contracting your energy and constrict the pipe so even less can get through.  I know because I have been there myself.

Instead take a moment to appreciate another.  That may come through sending them a thank you note; texting them or speaking to them in person or over the phone.  When you lift up another, you don’t know the ripple effects it will have.  What I can guarantee is that it will come back to you in other ways.

Winnovation creating a win: win: win strategy

Take the recent event I ran with Lindsey Jenkin on the four pillars to sustainable health and wellbeing.  It has created so many ripples.  Only this week three people who weren’t at the event have asked for more info about the healthy dinners we will be running to build community.  I believe that has happened because the ethos behind the event was about supporting Wholesome Weigh, a #noplastics shop selling nutritious food, as a way to build local community. For me it was a way to thank Lindsey also for her support last year.  And yet ultimately I have benefitted too.

Another bonus that comes with appreciating others is that it can create a sense of community and build intimacy through vulnerability.  A wonderful guy in my network reached out to me this week responding to something I had said.  Not only did he affirm me, he also shared something about himself that he and his partner had had a tough couple of years.  It meant taking his mask off and revealing the reality of life.  The benefit of doing that was that I felt a really saw him for the first time.  It strengthened our bond.

When it starts flowing back to you, from an energy perspective you feel better about yourself.  In that moment you raise your vibration and experience more joy.  That allows more of what you desire to come towards you.  And in the wink of an eye you have created a virtuous circle which just keeps on giving.

Staying open allows the Universe to send the good stuff your way

Using the metaphor of the roses again, two weeks ago the buds were tightly closed.  With some tender, loving care they have fully opened in this second photo.  Similarly you can receive so much more if your heart is open.

Transformation in two weeks from:

  1. Lots of loving, tender care when I got them
  2. Trimming their stems before putting them in a vase
  3. Adding plant food to them
  4. Giving them reiki
  5. Adding more water after five days

What small manageable steps will you take to bring more joy into your life?  Let me know in the comments.

How to grow your business through an attitude of gratitude?
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  • February 5, 2020 at 3:52 pm

    Doing a remembrance practice at least once a day. Easy because I am held to account by my buddy.

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