Photo by Martha van der Westhuisen

This week I met an incredible woman who lives in the middle of a field outside one of the wealthiest regions in England.  She made the active choice to live alone and was glowing because of it. This article is not advocating that you become a hermit nor is it presenting an argument for abstinence rather it’s an exploration of the three aspects of life that are likely to keep us trapped in the material world. From my work with colour all these issues each correspond to one of the three lower chakras and come about due to an imbalance in one or more of them: money relates to the root chakra; sexuality relates to the sacral chakra and power relates to the solar plexus chakra.

Are you enslaved by any of these desires?

Enslavement can be very subtle and often comes from the conditioning that we received growing up.  As I explained to those on my enlightened chakra course this week, the clues are there when you look back and remember your parents’ attitude to these things. Take a moment now: do you remember watching a steamy sex scene with your parents on tv when you were growing up? How did they respond to what you all saw?  Did you talk about it; use humour to deflect what people felt; or was there a distinct sense of discomfort as the scene played out?

Either of the latter two responses would suggest it was not easy to explore your sexuality. This is not uncommon and there are many books with historical accounts of young women who were totally unprepared for what was to come when they got married. There is such a huge taboo around discussing sexuality and yet when you start to dive into the sacral chakra you realise that sexuality is a key component of your identity.

I invite you to undertake a similar exercise when reflecting on your relationship with money and power. Let me offer one further example that in some ways shows how our relationship with money and power can be intertwined, making it even more complex. 

I will always remember meeting a fellow consultant at PwC who had not healed his relationship with money. He came from a family which had had very little and was determined that his family would not go without. His fear fuelled his work ethic and he is now very senior within the management consultancy profession and wields significant power and influence. When I knew him he had a side hustle in short selling to supplement his income. For some he would be seen to be very successful but I would ask at what cost has that success come?  I remember being staggered at the number of PwC partners on second marriages.

What if money, sex and power were gifts from the Divine? 

I have suggested that in this materialistic world we find ourselves in many put money, sex or power onto a pedestal; and that then becomes the mysticism of materialism.  Anyone who identifies too closely with any one of these aspects of existence in the 3D is in effect worshipping them.  Money, sex and power are not supposed to live in our heart.

Take a moment to reflect what is in the centre of your life.  Lets use the analogy of the solar system.  Money, sex and power can be seen as planets within the solar system so what represents the sun around which all the planets revolve in your world?  If it is the Divine then it is much easier to see money, sex and power as gifts from the Divine.

What stops us having a healthy relationship with money, sex and power?

I have already talked about conditioning that often happens at an early age when we are sponges to whatever is showing up in our environment. If we never re-evaluate those early experiences then they can inform what we value as adults.  What we need is a safe environment where we can start to explore those early influences and that’s what I am aiming to provide in my forthcoming colour retreat.

When you break free from the matrix of life, you discover that everything has its own energy signature.  Everything is about the vibration and frequency at which we vibrate that is why colour is so good at enabling you to experience an almost instantaneous shift.  Earlier this week I was working with someone I had never met before and within half an hour of exploring some issues using colour she experienced a profound release.

Often times these kind of wounds are embedded deeply within your unconscious so that you are not even aware that you are out of alignment.  Through my work I have come to realise that our attitudes to money, sex and power relate to the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras.  By working with your chakras on my colour retreat you can recalibrate them and choose to operate out of the 5D more by activating your enlightened chakras.

Sex, money, power: what’s your poison?