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Today I want to focus on the Fire element for a number of reasons.  It is resonant with the current full steam ahead energy that has been prevalent of late. Also in the last couple of weeks I have been noticing that clients keep picking orange bottles and in the last week I have sold out of all my Fire spritzers and have had to order more!  It felt as if this was a sign to explore this important element which is dear to my heart for many reasons in part because using the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to the elements, I have a lot of fire energy; and also I am a fire walk instructor – during our training we developed an appreciation and healthy respect for this element. And for many summer, which has definitely arrived here in the UK, is the time of the fire elemental.  

The properties of Fire

 If you are working with the four directions of North, East, South and West, Fire relates to the South.  Whilst there is Fire elemental spritzer you can also use the Colour Mirrors essence Archangel Michael as a way to connect to this energy. 

Fire represents radiance, warmth, passion, action and personal power. It is the element of change and transformation – of power and boldness. It’s associated with yang/ masculine energy and when used intentionally can help accelerate personal growth.

The specific properties of fire include warmth, heat and energy; it can bring about new growth through destruction.  If you have become aware of relationships that are no longer life giving then it could be that you are being asked to let them go to allow space for something new to emerge in its place.

Cutting cords

A simple way to mark fresh starts is to write down everything that’s no longer serving you – that could include toxic relationships, self-sabotaging habits and outdated beliefs – in fact anything you’re ready to let go of. The invitation is to take each scrap of paper and burn it in your fire pit, on a log fire/ wood burner or in a fireproof container.

When I work with clients one of the things I can do is look and see if they have any red cords attached to their body that need to be released.  This can be very helpful as a way to move forward. 

And as I write this I am reminded of the importance Richard Rudd the founder of the Gene Keys placed on forgiveness.  He envisions that one day forgiveness will sweep like wild fire through humanity and that it is the key to experience transcendence in human form. Forgiveness is the spiritual quality we associate with orange so it feels pertinent to explore that a bit further.

The four steps to forgiveness

Forgiving others and ourselves can be challenging so I am offering the following process based on the work of the global forgiveness project. Before we forgive another we often have to take a moment to forgive ourselves.

Go within and check to see whether there is anyone or a situation requiring forgiveness.  Last night I was out and I broke one of the rules that I live by which is never to cause harm to another.  We were at a party and I was aware of it impacting on my fun.  So before I left I went up to the person and cleared the air and felt so much better for it.  Sometimes we cannot act in the moment so this process is for those times:

Step 1: Write down who you need to forgive and for what

Step 2: Be honest and write down exactly how you feel about the situation do not be polite. No one else will see this and you cannot move on from where you would like to be only from where you actually are.

Step 3: Now write down a list of the benefits you will get from forgiving this situation. These will often be the opposite of what you are currently feeling. For example anger could become peace, heaviness becomes a feeling of lightness, and so on. If that feels too difficult start by imagining how much better you will feel when you are able to let this situation go. 

Step 4: Compose a forgiveness affirmation. This is simply stating who you intend to forgive and then acknowledging the benefits which come from forgiving them. Then you say this sentence (in the silence of your mind) slowly, at least three times and then return to Step 1, and go around again. Keep going round until you feel a release. Below is an example of what that could look like:

I forgive __________ [who] and I accept the __________ [benefits from Step 3] that Forgiveness brings.

If it is deep seated trauma this approach may be too challenging. There is a somatic practice called the butterfly hug that I teach clients as a way of settling the core and releasing triggers.

Increasing vitality

Fire gives us energy so if you are low in energy then there are a number of ways you can adjust this.  Focus and will reside in the solar plexus chakra which is also associated with the fire elemental.  When this chakra lacks energy, we can experience low energy, slow digestion, chronic fatigue, poor self-esteem or self-discipline and have a “victim mentality.” When overactive, we can become aggressive, controlling, power hungry, arrogant, excessively competitive or ambitious and have an overwhelming need to be right. This chakra governs our right to act and the right to be free and is damaged by shame.  What helps is eating yellow food, wearing yellow and getting plenty of sunshine because sunlight can increase the amount of serotonin in your body.

Using essential oils

Essential oils vibrate at a much higher frequency than the human body and by using them, we can bring our body into homeostatis much more quickly than we can on our own. Lemon promotes focus,  lemongrass fights feelings of lethargy, rosemary boosts cognitive response and peppermint stimulates motivation. One of my clients this week mentioned that they felt exhausted every time they sat down to work.  In the Colour Mirrors system the yellow essences include lemon; the blue essences contain peppermint; the green essences contain rosemary; and the olive ones have both rosemary and lemongrass. 

If you find you have have too much energy and are overactive then rose oils will help you cool down. The Pink and Turquoise essences both contain this oil.

By focusing on Fire in this article, it is my intention that you will feel more able to ride the energies of the current time and have a deeper appreciation of the many aspects contained within the colour orange. In this exploration of fire I have touched on aspects relating to the alignment of both the solar plexus chakra and the sacral – the place we hold wounds that need to be healed. And I have explored the transformational properties of fire and included some tips on how to work with the energy of fire and forgiveness another aspect of orange.

Feel free to reach out if you would like to purchase some essences to recalibrate your own fire energy and be more in tune with the current season in the Northern Hemisphere. For me, the following quotation alludes to the spirit of fire and how it can help purify the human condition:

The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.

What’s your relationship like with fire?
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