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At this challenging time in which we live in, I was reminded of the Stoics.  They claimed that most of the time we make decisions automatically based on social convention.  If you tune into the dominant narrative around the corona virus, there are a lot of assumptions.  This provides cause for concern as the Stoics explain:  if you understand how someone is programmed you can use that to get them to believe/ do what you want them to do without them being aware that they have been manipulated.

I realise that sounds stark and yet there is hope in the darkness because your relationship with your higher self is yours alone.  I faced a really difficult decision recently so I spent more time in meditation and the poem/ guidance below is what came as a result of that.  Of course the essence of the poem is about the role of the ego which is synchronous as it relates to the element of will that we find in the solar plexus chakra, the topic this week in my chakras course

I hope you find the poem helpful; others have remarked that it felt like Divine guidance:

The dance between the ego and the higher self

Fear creeps up on you when 

you least expect it.

It can masquerade as

truth, knowingness

Don’t be fooled as I was…

often you can sense it’s lurking there 

when there’s judgement in your system

around a choice that others have made

Believing they are wrong can buoy us up and 

make us feel invincible

so we forget about the presence of shadow

It can be so subtle it’s difficult to differentiate

Enquire into yourself and ask

who was it that made the decision:

your higher self or your ego?

Always remember Coyote, the trickster

will try and fool you;

whispering half truths in your ear

so you believe your choice to be from a higher,

more exalted place.

Ego is not evil it is a core part of

our human self, the unintegrated part

that is neutral.

It shows up and acts

based on the quality of 

our thoughts and feelings.

The only way to tell who’s

running the show in any given moment


Ask for Divine Guidance

When you feel that timelessness,

the light of the Universe all around you

then, an only then you can see

what is invisible to the human eye.

This is one of the critical tests

at this time.

Get ready by using

and developing that muscle.

The more we ask our higher self,

the more that will be revealed.

It’s never too late to start.

It’s a journey of evolution

one step at a time.

Pain is inevitable,

suffering is optional

The dance between the ego and the higher self
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