Orange and Gold the colours of Autumn

To be sensual, I think, is to respect and rejoice in the force of life, of life itself, and to be present in all that one does, from the effort of loving to the breaking of bread

James baldwin

Over the last two weeks I have had a run on Orange bottles. One is winging its way to Australia; and others are going round the UK, not to mention those on my chakras course who have also been working with Orange.  In many ways this does not surprise me, it’s further anecdotal evidence of how being in universal flow works.

Orange is the colour of the sacral chakra and many also associate with the element of water probably because it is the seat of your emotions. Interestingly when I was exploring the elements with my super-vision sangha, I also associated with the water elemental and the predominant colours in this season are orange and gold. From a colour perspective, orange often shows up when a client has unmet needs because it represents shock and trauma. Even if this is not the case it is always a clue to check on their relationship with their body as orange gives you access to your creative life force; your sense of aliveness. If someone starts picking orange bottles I immediately one to explore how they relate to their own sensuality. You can get a sense of that from how open they are in regard to talking about their feelings.

Why are feelings connected to sensuality?

We are conditioned to ignore our emotions or to control them.  And you can do that in so many ways.  Sometimes it comes from keeping yourself so busy that you don’t have to dwell on unpleasant or uncomfortable feelings.  That red patterns very prevalent in September encouraged by messages suggesting how you can really get the most out of the last quarter of the year. Another way we can disregard our emotions is through addiction to substances, alcohol, work or tv.  All these can help you numb those pesky feelings.  And it can work for a while.

Which ever pattern is playing out, it’s clear that there is little awareness of the body. In extreme circumstances clients use food as a way to deal their pain in one of two ways. They will either starve their body to maintain control or overeat as a way to manage their discomfort. It is rarely effective as a strategy. Lack of body awareness tends to lead to more pain; the level of anxiety tends to increase and unchecked can lead to despair.

Dead from the neck down

Recently I was working with a client who had become seriously ill. He could not understand it initially because he had repressed the feelings around his trauma for so long that he had personified his numbness. It was so normal to put a wall up that he gave the wall a name. The strategy had been effective in stopping emotions from leaking out but at a great cost; the wall had also prevented feelings from entering in.  This led to a build up in pent up energy which had to find a release which is why it manifested itself physically as an illness. This way of being leads to disconnection and an emptiness without knowing why.  It is what being dead from the neck down looks like and many overcompensate the lack of feeling by over developing their mind!

Using colour as a way to access all this, I show leaders and coaches how to trust their inner guidance system so that they can navigate their way home. The personality or EGO which is often what defines clients when they come to me has been referred to as edging God out. I love that description because it is impossible to base everything in your life on love when control is running the show.

One of the benefits of colour work is that you can start to feel more alive; more in touch with your body and so more in tune with your essence and your sensuality.  You are more likely to be present and with such transformation, people are likely to comment on your youthfulness because they are aware of your vibration rising as you release the blocked energy. As you come into relationship with your whole self, all sorts of things become possible because you expand beyond that limited, conditioned version of self.

If you are ready to up level and embrace all of who you are then get in touch.

How present are you to your body and its needs?