There’s a lot written about manifestation in spiritual circles so if there’s a process why isn’t everyone able to bring their desires into reality? I start to explore this further in my video by looking to Epicurus for some answers and sharing some of my own experiences with this.

What tends to happen…

When you have a new idea, you are full of excitement with its potential and that is potent for manifesting your idea but then life gets in the way which can affect how you feel and your overall energy.  For example when I told my Mum I was starting a spiritual book group, her first comment was “No one will pay for that!’  There were a couple of other bumps on the road and so there was a dip in my energy.

How do you transmute these blocks?

When you recognise that this is a stage in setting up any new venture then you can laugh to yourself as you are aware of what’s really going on.  And here are a few more tips:

  1. Be very clear in the language you use when formulating your desire
  2. Be pure in terms of your intention – if it’s for the highest good of all then it is much more likely to manifest
  3. Work with Coral Angel of Magic and Manifestation for great results

How does Epicurus fit into this?

He is very clear about the importance of living in the present moment.  In other words set your intention then get on with enjoying and savouring every moment of your day.  How often do you do that without the help of other substances?  

Epicurus is the father of rational hedonism.  Contrary to the popular myths he did not gorge himself or indulge in orgies, rather he would weigh up the pleasure that would come from satiating a desire with the possible pain that would also come.  

There can be a fine line between desire and addiction.  If you like to smoke how long is it before your mind starts craving another cigarette.  This is the way we can become enslaved by our desires. And this gives us our second insight in terms of manifesting – the Universe does not give you what you want; the Universe gives you what you need.

So your ability to manifest is also linked to your levels of awareness. And this is closely linked to another aspect of Epicurean thought which urges you not to renounce your desires, instead you are encouraged to master them. As Epicurus said the fewer your desires, the less effort required to actualise them.  Why not take a moment to discern how many desires you have and see what emerges for you?  Epicurus in fact lived simply requiring very little

Being in the now is a gift that’s why it is called the present

Those who follow Epicurus see the future as a capitalist construct and that really resonates for me.  How often do you defer your pleasure?  Countless people I know will say things like I will take up golf when I am retired. There’s a view that there’s no time to have fun now because life is too busy.  Do you feel you have too much to do to allow space for idleness?

The truth is when you allow yourself space to daydream and to experience the feeling of what life would be like if you had what you desired then you will manifest much more quickly.  That’s why Coral Angel is so powerful because it combines love in the Pink and joy in Yellow.

Pleasure, pain and the present: what do these 3 qualities have to do with fulfilment?
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