Gertrude: an example of what happens when we pour out love, it’s infectious

A few months ago Gertrude, our rose developed black spot.  She had 14 buds/ flowers on her and spraying her to kill off the black spot also meant the loss of all our roses and buds.  It was another example of the death and rebirth process that is always present in life.  Here we are a few months later with one flower blooming and one on the way.  There are signs everywhere in nature about what’s occurring at an energetic level.  Right now it does feel like a time of growth and expansion providing you don’t get sucked into the same old familiar patterns.

Benji on the rampage

Love really can create miracles and yet it can be tough and challenging on the way.  It’s rarely the “love and light” that some in the spiritual community quote or not in my experience.  Let me start with a quick example and then expand it.  As you may know we have a seven month old puppy called Benji and last week he got into destruction mode and it was costing us a fortune as he chewed his way through yet more of his bedding; his feeding bowl when we go out and the list went on – you get the picture.  I was at my wits end and thinking of rehoming him and then two things happened.

Going with the flow

My dog trainer explained that his back molars were coming through and causing him discomfort.  We soaked an old toy in water and froze it which really helped.  And I surrendered one of my walking socks to him as he had chewed a hole in the toe already. Buying him a root chew helped ease the pain too.  Despite him hiding stuff in the garden, he seems to be in a better place and a lot less destructive and it gives me an excuse to take a Benji break where I sit on the floor and cuddle him whilst he’s chewing for a bit on a deer antler.

The power of being present

I notice that when I let go and connect with him in the moment all kinds of magical things happen.  Recently he was sat on me chewing a bone and as I stroked him, feeling the love for him in that moment,  I was inspired and came up with a contemplative exercise for the last meeting of a group that helped to ease the pain of ending the connection after a year or more.  It was quite unexpected and wonderful at the same time.

Try on something new

The energy of Virgo can be all consuming. Talking to some of my clients many are finding themselves frantically busy and are becoming exhausted.  This is not surprising.  Like me you may have taken time off over the summer and now find many things waiting you. Your mind will encourage you to do the odd additional hour or two in the evening to catch up/ keep on top of it all.  In fact this adds to the sense of exhaustion and can kill all sense of fun, play and creativity.  Ultimately it will lead to a dead end or a stagnant pool.  Alternatively notice your patterns and allow more down time.  It is like going to the dressing up box and trying on different combos of colours and clothes. It can revitalise you. And that’s where pink comes in. Pink is enlightened red with the light shone through and it represents love. And love is the only currency that matters. If you are more drawn to red then working with the Red Angel spritzer can give you more energy and be healing too. And remember all those in the Conscious Conversation community get a special rate for spritzers and bottles. 

Who knew an old sock could provide so much joy?
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