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There are often a rash of articles and newsletters entitled New Year, New You at this time of year, followed by conversations about new year’s resolutions, goals and intentions. So strong is this pull that some businesses start their main offerings in January even though New Year is at different times depending on your own traditions. For example Chinese New Year is often in February. This article was born out of a couple of passing remarks from two clients who are also friends; and me feeling strong emotions from an innocent remark that led to me booking a session with my coach and mentor. I realised that in many ways all these incidents are linked.

Let me start by giving you a brief overview. The first comment emerged in the middle of a programme I was running in 2021 and my client mused that she didn’t understand why she kept signing up for courses. The second was when another colleague mentioned how many emails he had received over the holiday period promising him transformation if he signed up for whatever the offer was. It prompted him to remark that he wanted to set up an “unpersonal” development movement with his awareness that much of the suffering we experience comes from an over developed ego and all the attachments we have about how life should be. Mine occurred when out walking with two friends. In one moment it felt as if I wasn’t present as the two of them planned what they were going to do together following the park and the invitation was not extended to me. The reality is if I had been asked I probably would have said no as I had a lot to do, so what was really going on?

The micro leads to the macro

Each of these are aspects of the small details of the every day that weave into a tapestry we call life. And although they may not appear to be so, they are actually gifts. Whether you are triggered or pondering as in the first example, it is an opportunity to see what its pointing to. It has nothing to do with the 3D rather it is showing you where you are out of alignment in the 5D. It is why tuning into your interior landscape is so important. You will get a different perspective and in doing so will most probably see your suffering alleviated. What’s happening in your daily life can give you signs around what’s stopping you from being in a state of bliss.

When in conversation with my mentor, he reminded me of the story of Jesus in the temple where Jesus lost his temper and ordered all the merchants out of his father’s house because what they were doing was not sacred. It had never occurred to me that there was an esoteric message hidden in this parable. It was fascinating to learn that in fact the merchants represent aspects of our ego that are sucking up attention and energy from our soul; and so are stopping us from being in a permanent state of bliss. Just as you weed your garden, we are asked to clear out all the aspects of ego that are hiding out in our sacred space.

In my situation what I realised when I “tuned in” was that I had an expectation about what might happen and without even being aware of it, when I didn’t get invited back for coffee, I judged myself. Without even being aware of it, I had made up a story about the situation. It went like this I wasn’t invited because I wasn’t good enough. The irony of it all is that I probably would have refused the invitation even if I had been offered to join them as I had things to do. So often there is a link to the Inner Child piece and the wounding you received when you were younger. And like me you may feel some resistance when that comes up, especially if you feel you have done lots of work on that area.

Interestingly the archetype card this week for the meditation group I attend was the Child which is seen as Divine. In the light it represents innocence, purity and wonder; and in the Darkness it represents an inability to defend oneself against negative forces. Notice what comes up for you as you consider those qualities…

How do you work with the resistance?

The first thing is to acknowledge the resistance and not to try and change it. For me it came up because I thought I had done loads of inner child work and so I didn’t want to accept that there could still be stuff to heal. What helped me was the analogy of cleaning a house. You would not clean a house once and never pick up a duster or a broom again. You would continue to clean it daily, weekly or monthly. Sometimes it’s the last thing you feel like doing. You might say to yourself that it is repetitive and boring. And yet when you have cleaned the house and the surfaces are sparkling there is a sense of satisfaction and achievement. The same is true with all aspects of spiritual hygiene. Using colour, the modality I use to access consciousness, it is rare to work with one colour bottle and then you are done.

In 2022 the main theme is Love and we can only exude unconditional love if we heal our wounds and find a way to forgive ourselves for our imperfections. That brings us to a whole new topic the gift of your faults which I will come onto next week.

To conclude

For me the cleaning analogy explains why you keep on doing courses and programmes as a way to maintain or build your vibration so that it is high and you can shine love out to the world. Yes there is a personal development industry and we all need to practise discernment in terms of what work we sign up for. For me the “unpersonal development” idea points to the need to lose any sense of attachment to how any aspect of life should be whilst retaining a childlike wonder for all of life. For my own situation, when I meditated in, I got shown that we are each on a unique path which is so special that that’s where we need to focus attention, nowhere else. I would love to know what you think so feel free to leave a comment below or drop me an email.

The journey of the self
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