What a purge there was with this week’s full moon! Some very intense energies – did you feel them? It brought up unhealed trauma for many.  I referenced some of it in my weekly forecast video.  And I recommend watching it if you haven’t yet.

What does red mean?

In the video I show you a double Red bottle because I sensed that we would be healing ancestral issues this week.  Talking to clients and checking in with myself this has been a huge aspect of the week.  It can be messy, painful and you may well feel as if you have been put through a wringer emotionally.  This level of intensity can also impact you physically.  Tonight my back and shoulders are very painful and clients have shared similar stories about experiencing deep pain.

How does violet come into it?

You may wonder why all this is happening.  It is to help you release so you can be more in your power and be living your life on purpose which is the meaning behind the second bottle in the forecast – the double violet one.

When you take those two colours and put them together you get the bottle photographed above – Heaven on Earth.  It’s message is that when you are fully connected to Divine Mother (Red) and Divine Father (Violet) then your inner child will feel more secure. This enables you to live more from your higher self rather than your ego self.

Why is heaven on earth such a difficult concept?

If like me you have over-emphasised your masculine energy to protect your feminine, you may feel a degree of resentment about always having to be so strong.  You may long for it to feel safe enough for you to voice your needs and your vulnerabilities so you can let go.

Alternatively if you have strong feminine energy, you may resent how much you give to others with very little thanks in return.  And a part of you probably longs to taste real power. Sometimes you get power through manipulation but that is not the same as authority which comes with influence, when people choose to listen to your ideas.

For these reasons you need to calibrate both energies which is what you can sense with this bottle.  When you make space in your life for both energies and embrace them equally then you will experience transformation.

What caused so much triggering this week?