How often have you caught yourself feeling that you need more money?  I cannot count the number of clients who have told me that they are only doing a particular job because it pays well or that they need to earn more before they invest in themselves.  These are only a few of the many traps that you can fall into.  So how do you avoid them?

Look what happens when wealth becomes wellth

The change in words provides the stepping stone to shift from fixating on money which is a very 3D concept that keeps you stuck in the Maya – the illusion that is this world – and to start moving towards the fifth dimension and beyond.  It helps you to see that what really counts is prosperity.  That is the name of this special bottle unlimited wellth.

What’s the definition for prosperity?

What’s your response to the following three questions:

  1. Are you doing work that you love?
  2. Are you fulfilled in your relationships?
  3. Is your body in good health?

If you can answer yes to all three then you are truly prosperous whatever the amount of money in your bank account.  These are the aspects of life that matter.

The gift of lockdown

The pandemic has given us all space to re-evaluate and I have seen so many people start to wake up and question their priorities going forward and make really big changes to their lives.  Only today a client of mine got in touch to say that they had made major changes to their life which meant they had drastically reduced their online presence to be more present with loved ones.  They felt better for having more quality time with family members.

What do you need to tend in this moment?

As you review those three questions, which area in your life needs attention. Julie New, a friend of mine who is a relationship coach, always uses the metaphor that life is a garden. It needs nurturing and weeding.  So what do you need to tend right now – your body, some key relationships or your life purpose?

The role of colour in all this

If you are not sure how to go about it then colour can help because it is all about frequency and can raise your vibration.  It can shed light onto any challenge you face.  Going deep, issues with money often stem from challenges in your relationship through the maternal line.  Working on that can release trapped energy and allow the money to flow again because money is simply another source of energy in your life.

Finally all of this is linked to the root chakra which makes sense because it aligns with the first level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and a very prevalent fear – the fear of survival.  This has been part of my journey and I feel so blessed to have found an amazing pranic healer, Jenny Lai, who was helping me heal after falling down the stairs recently.  When working on me, she discovered many swords in my root chakra! I mention this because there is an energetic dimension to all this which cannot be resolved by hard work alone

What kind of hold does money have on you?
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