When I meet a new person and they find out that I run my own business invariably they ask me what I do.  I used to freeze when I got asked that question mainly because I don’t like labels as they define us and can be misinterpreted; also I intuit what level of consciousness the question poser is at and respond accordingly. In a meditation with my mentor this week we came up with a new descriptor – Energy Guide.  I loved it because it describes the focus of my work which is to help clients find their energetic blocks and release them so they can get back into ease, grace and flow.  I would love to know what you think  of that as a descriptor so feel free to ping me an email and let me know.  I love new ideas and new ways of looking at things because as Terence McKenna said:

Our world is endangered by the absence of good ideas. Our world is in crisis because of the absence of consciousness.

terence mckenna

Let me explore a topic with you that brings together all these ideas and debunks a popular myth.  It also explains why I don’t call myself a business coach even though a number of my 121 clients are coaches wanting to transform their businesses.

A common trap coaches can fall into…

What’s fascinating I find is that coaches that are in the early days of building their brand or who are finding it hard to get into momentum often fall into one particular trap.  They believe that working with a business coach will lead them to success in their business. This is not a foolproof strategy.  Read on if you want to find out why hiring a business coach won’t get you to where you want to go.

Most business coaches are firmly entrenched in the 3D version of the world or using Spiral Dynamics they operate at an orange world view.  We could refer to this as an achievement orientation and it’s very much an I focus. In other words it’s all about what you need to do to become more visible so invariably they will want you to get clear on your niche; get visible on social media; post regularly; make testimonials public and in this way build your following.  There can be an offline variation of this which is about joining networking groups, increasing the number of contacts you have and that will lead to more opportunities coming your way.

What is real?

The fundamental flaw with this approach is that it is focused on the external world and is based on tangible results.  Here’s a bit of humour that illustrates that point.  I often post the same content on both LinkedIn and Instagram, my social media platforms of choice.  Currently my most popular post on instagram is a reel I made. Whilst that has led to an increase in followers, it has not impacted my bottom line.  On LinkedIn the same post attracted 15% that level of interest and the person who made a purchase saw that post and did not even like it but messaged me to enquire and then joined the programme. In other words what we see on social media tends to be an illusion.

If you have got this far you are probably wondering what does sell programmes.  In my experience it all comes down to energetic vibration and doing the inner work.  What do I mean by that?  It’s about consciousness.  If deep down you don’t believe you are good enough, it doesn’t matter what methodology you follow nothing will fundamentally shift until you address that bit of your shadow.  Let me give you an example.

Your external reality mirrors your inner world

Through 2022 I have been working with a beautiful soul who wants to expand their reach and was in a place of transition because they had outgrown what they were known for but  weren’t sure what was next.  As we explored all this through colour it became clear that there was some healing to do in their personal relationships which was affecting their flow.  As they have addressed that more aligned work has started to show up in their external reality.  This example shows how the internal and external are inextricably linked like the mobius strip and the infinity symbol illustrate.

Linked to all of that there are one or two things that you can do each day that don’t take long that can help shift you into momentum.  I have been practising with them recently and noticed a massive shift in my own business.  I will be sharing them on Money, Money, Money my one remaining in-person event in 2022. 

Remember money is merely one form of energy so if you want to increase the flow of money or understand your relationship with it better I invite you to join me in October for a one day workshop, where you will find out your predominant money archetype.  Often money patterns are subconscious so shining a light on yours is the first step to change.  Click here for more details or here to read the most recent of three sequential articles where I explore the topic of money.

In future articles I will share more about the different levels of consciousness and how you can spot them for yourself. The truth is that financial success depends on the flow of energy. Therefore there is a direct correlation between your frequency and the amount of money that you are making. Colour offers one way for you to shift your vibration and bring more of what you desire into form.

What level of consciousness do you operate at?