Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies

Mother Teresa

I wrote this article before the recent volatility in the markets that saw the pound drop to an all time low and the likelihood of interest rates going up to 6% in the UK and thousands of mortgage offers have been taken off the market! It feels that Mother Teresa’s words are even more pertinent right now.

At the beginning of the summer I gave a friend and client one of my door keys so she could access our bathroom whilst we are away as she doesn’t have a bath and her house is being renovated following fire damage.  At the end of August I asked her to give me the key back as my daughter needed it to get in after school.  She spent a whole weekend looking for it, turned her house upside down but could not find it.  She offered to replace the key but that was not possible because it is a special security key.  I reminded her to keep the faith and said I was sure it would turn up.

How to find lost items

I suggested she spritz herself with Green Angel because that helps you to find things and visualise feeling the key in her hand.  She did and a week later the key appeared in the strangest of places and has been returned.

This is an example of how colour works.  In many ways it is all about the power of intention and how it is important to set one and then let go of any expectation and go about your life as normal.

For many years whenever I lost something I would get really stressed and in a panic.  For a while I thought that would never change as I had tried so many things to cure myself of this reaction.  Why has my behaviour changed?

I understand what is happening and have proof that my system works.  Deeper than that I know I am not alone and recognise that I cannot see the whole, only a part of it all.  In short I have developed my faith muscle.  This is serving me well at the moment as I am being severely tested and find myself in an untenable position from a 3D perspective.  

Change is inevitable: how we respond to the circumstances we find ourselves in is a choice.  Let me end with a story that may resonate.

Recently I moved from intermediate beginners to the women’s squad for rowing; hopefully by Spring 2023 I will be racing!  This has occurred 10 months after I took up the sport.  I love my new coach because he says success in rowing is all in the detail.

It starts from the moment we enter the boathouse, the way we walk in, to learning how to take the boats off the rack and launch them in the water.  Rowing is really only a small part of it: most important of all is how we respond to any setbacks as we learn.  If we focus on the details and remember we are part of a team and look out for one another then suddenly the magic happens. Our coach said the women’s squad went from being the laughing stock of the club to becoming the backbone of the place.  

My approach in this first month has been to remember to smile through the frustrations I have experienced as I know that as I relax into it, rowing will become effortless.  What has happened is that the coach has said that I am a model student and says he only has to tell me something once and then I have got it. Is that the truth or is it my commitment to monitoring my thoughts and being my best self no matter what? This is how it is with life: like the leaf imagine you are floating down the river and don’t become distracted by what’s happening on the banks.  In this way it will be easier to surrender to whatever shows up in your life and to focus on the moment of now: the only thing that is real.

Keeping the faith – what’s the key?
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