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My family could only afford to get me the box of eight Crayola crayons, but I craved the one with all 24 colours. I wanted magenta and turquoise and silver and gold

Joni Mitchell

Don’t these colours look inviting?  I remember as a child when life got challenging I loved to go deep under the water and I realised the reason why much later .  Diving I noticed a profound silence when I was ten feet below the surface of the ocean; all the external and internal noise ceased and I found myself mesmerised by such a depth of stillness.  

Lately clients have been drawn to Magenta, Turquoise and Blue. My last colour spread on social media focused mainly on Magenta and you can find it here on LinkedInInstagram or Facebook if you want to explore Magenta further. Today I am going to focus on the other two colours.

Turquoise and Blue are picked together when you need to take time out and rest.  Often it comes up if you are very disconnected from your feelings and fear opening up and sharing stuff.  There can be quite intense emotions just below the surface.  Let me give you an example.

This weekend has been a roller coaster of emotions for me.  One of my daughters rang me when I was walking the dog in a distressed state on Saturday.  She had been ill and on antibiotics for two days and yet felt as if she could not breathe.  I returned home as quickly as possible and I asked her to choose an essence.  She picked Blue Angel.  This is the spritzer that people choose when they have a lot of fear in their system and need to feel safe.  Working with the spritzer and adding in reiki, I helped her to self regulate and she fell asleep.  We worked like that for over 12 hours when it became clear to me that I needed to take her to A&E.  Within 8 hours she was admitted into hospital and remained there for 48 hours.

What helped me through such a challenging time was to work with a combination of Turquoise and Blue essences because together they represent absolute and unconditional faith.  I trusted that all would be well and she got better slowly.  Turquoise and Blue as a combination are great at shifting stuck energy.

Separately prior to the weekend I gifted the very last drops of Water, a Turquoise essence, from my working set to a new friend.  He has very little in the material world and my hope is that Water will help him to move through his stuckness so he can release his repressed and unexpressed emotions.

In a couple of weeks I will post a Blue and Turquoise spread and I invite you to look out for it and select the one or two that are speaking to you. I will leave you a message with some insights if you do. For me and those I work with colour is a visual, kinaesthetic and olfactory way to make the unconscious conscious.  When we have awareness of our own darkness, we can transmute it and be more in the light.  What that allows is more of what we desire to come into our external reality whether that is money, doing work that nourishes us or being in a relationship that is life giving. All this is possible as we shift energetically. 

We are called to be with all the feelings that are coming up at the moment.  I watched quite a lot of the state funeral for Queen Elizabeth II today and found that the tears flowed quite a bit.  I have also been noticing how tired I have felt the last couple of days so take it easy as we are in the process of quite a bit of transition at the macro level.  And if you could do with a bit more support then I invite you to take one of the last remaining places on my upcoming money retreat.  Whatever happens be gentle with yourself and those around you as you move forward.

How do you feel about Turquoise and Blue?
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