A big word I know!  This bottle (39 in the Colour Mirrors system) can help you access your personal power.  Let me show you how with the following story.  A couple of weeks ago I had a wonderful conversation with a potential client who’s looking for a business mentor. I have done quite a bit of mentoring this year which has come about because last year I worked on stepping more into my power and started owning it! Often the question clients ask is how do I create a profitable business? It starts by seeing yourself as a business owner, the first step to being in your sovereignty.  More thoughts follow below.

There is no magic sauce

All those adverts out there that encourage you to sign up and you will build a six figure business in six months are just based on an illusion. There is no quick fix. It takes consistent hard graft. In fact the reputable marketing coaches will tell you for most start ups it can take between two to five years to create a business with a sustainable income.

One key is the ability to adapt to your customers’ needs. I used to write my newsletter just once a month which meant that people heard from me about 12 times a year! All the data on sales suggest that it can take up to 8 touch points with a business before someone is ready to buy from you. You need to make it easy for them by showing up on social media, providing good content consistently so possible customers get to know you, like you and trust you! That’s why I now write to you once a week.

A mentor can take a look at what you are doing and help you make the changes you need based on experience. That will take a fair bit of work on your part and often people give up when they are on the cusp of making it. This happens when you start to take aligned action, there is a degree of resistance. I wrote more about that here.   Accountability provided by a business owner who has more experience can help.

How can you change mindset issues?

When I am mentoring a business owner, it is a blend of working with colour and practical tips to help them get more traction. What the colour helps with is the energy piece.

I got hired as a mentor to one coach because they had some fear around working with senior leaders as they had never coached people from the C-suite before. By working with the bottle pictured, they overcame that fear, gained more confidence and now they are doing really well.

A key aspect of being good at anything comes with mindset. You need to believe that you can do so that people feel the warm and fuzzies when they interact with you.

The challenge is that if it has been some time since you got a client and you have money worries then at some level there is a lot of desperation in your field. People coming into contact will smell that and may not know what it is but they will have a strong reaction around not wanting to buy from you. Of course the more this happens, the harder it is to get out of that vicious cycle. I know I have been there!

Connection to Source

That’s why I say that it is not just about mindset/ energy and the practical pieces. You also need to have a spiritual connection. I would go as far to say that a daily spiritual practice for 15 minutes a day equates to two years of taking action!

What kind of regular practice do you have? How consistent are you with that? How often do you make space for you.? I recently surveyed over 80 people who had signed up for the heart connection tune ups. Most of them had missed at least one of these tune ups even though they found it valuable. Some didn’t manage to make it to any of them. When I checked in about that the overriding reason for that was that it was not a priority and people were busy with other commitments. It’s so important to recognise that taking time to slow down can help you to speed up.

Practical implementable tips to get out of overwhelm

What I have also noticed is that clients can feel that there is so much to do that they feel overwhelmed by it all and so give up. As a fab Sufi coach says who is also where I go for guidance, if you are at the beginning of the journey you just need one or two individual clients; not all the fancy systems, logos, websites etc those come later.

Experiment to get clear on your focus so people know who you help and what you help them with then they can make referrals to you. Clients that love your work would definitely write you a testimonial especially if you make it easy for them and your raving fans would be happy to introduce you to0.

I would like to end by paraphrasing something that Glennon Doyle, who writes a very successful blog called Momastery, said because it really struck a chord with me. It’s not about having a huge tribe (she has over a million readers of her blog) it’s about getting out there and getting started. And whether you have 4 or 200 clients, look after them. They will then stay with you and invite others to come along for the ride too.

To conclude don’t give up! Remember overnight success is a myth and those that are truly successful worked hard to get there. Do keep plugging away and if you feel you could do with some compassionate accountability then drop me a line, I would love to provide that support to you and see you thrive.


Are you in your sovereignty?
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