Green and Gold were the frequencies that channellers felt were coming through during last weekend’s Summer Solstice.  When I read about that I immediately thought of this bottle which became the focus of this week’s heart connection. Green and Gold together will create alchemy. It can be a challenging energy because often you need to clear out the years and sometimes generations and lifetimes of persecution, something that’s also found in this colour combination.

Out of the heart connection top up came a recognition of our constant need for space so that we can heal, and get back into a lightness of being where we can laugh at ourselves as well as feel joy.  The insight I got as I worked with these colours is that all of this is so much easier when we feel cherished.

Every day magic that transmutes logic

For years we have been part of the old paradigm which was imbued with the masculine with questions like how can you prove that?  Where’s the evidence for that claim?  At PwC, where I worked in the 2000s, the unvoiced ethos was if you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist.  And yet let me share some every day magic that happened this week to give you an example of how the energy of colour works.

As soon as I pictured this bottle, a client decided to bathe in it over the solstice.  Then over the next couple of days following that, all my remaining stock of this bottle was requested by other clients!  All this happened without so much of a murmur from me! It’s an example of ease and grace which happens when we allow and get out of our own way.

Gold can represent your will

So what is the message that I am getting from these colours as I tune in intuitively?  When you are in Gold energy, which is merely refined Yellow, the temptation is to rely on your mind and your will. You may feel the urge to force things rather than to let them play out. I got caught out by that myself last week.  I had a moment of fear and so in my attempt to control it, I lost something that I felt was very precious to me.

Green provides space for healing

Leading people into heart health by resting in Green allowed me to connect to my heart and to create the space I needed to heal. In that moment I had some deeper realisations.  Firstly it was a reminder that all goes well when you live in harmony with the Universe asking how can I serve you? This is so much more life giving than coming from a place of scarcity which ends up in grabbing at stuff to fill your own needs. Again this is all so much easier to do when you feel cherished. Ask yourself what would it feel like if you had permission to only include people in your life and business who truly cherish you?

The problem with power

As I sat with that enquiry, I realised that I had fallen into a familiar trap of giving away my power.  I had become mesmerised by the shininess of a new person in my life and I vested them with far too much power.  I thought they were the answer to my prayers. And they collapsed under the weight of all my unspoken expectations.

The irony is that this bottle helps you to explore your relationship with power on every level.  It is encouraging you to let go the need for certainty and recognise that what will be will be and no amount of will can change that.  The antidote comes when you connect to the Divine Feminine in the lower fraction (Lime Green) as it will allow you to transcend – no longer be limited by or grow beyond in an integrated way – your Ego.


As you heal in the Green, you will gain clarity about your boundaries which means others will respect them too. And as the joy comes in, it becomes easier to find that self-respect.  You can recognise that you are creating the container that holds the energy of your business. And that the strength of that container depends on the support that you receive from those in your orbit – family, friends, clients, team mates.

As I have alluded to already that depends on two things: the level of mutual respect and your sovereignty.  You have dominion over your business.  However sitting with that power can feel challenging for some. Here’s a place to start.  Consider your every thought.  The most powerful people are those that never have a harmful thought about themselves or another; they exude love.  You can get there by loving yourself back from the abyss and practising self-compassion when you have made a mistake

The power of love

Oprah Winfrey, the chat show host, gives a great example of how love can change anything. In 2012 she went to India and found herself in a yoga class. She had never been able to do yoga and was not looking forward to it but the love that emanated from the Yogi taking the class was palpable.  She discovered that she was able to get into the moves easily.  That love touched her core essence and removed any fear she was feeling.

In short feeling cherished starts by taking the time to regularly nourish your soul. It will help you to recognise what really matters and also only have people around you who truly cherish you. One thing I can guarantee is that working with a Colour Mirror Essence will help you get there much faster.

Cherish your soul and see the ripples in your life and business
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