One of the ways people control their fears is by keeping busy. It’s a way to block out the pain and confusion but you can end up in overwhelm if you persist with such a strategy. And you never experience the promise of illumination which comes from being with the darkness. Let me share a story with you…

Just as I was about to finish for the day yesterday a young black leader I know reached out to me. He was flooded by emotions because like so many he has been filling his days with activities and work. It was more than just zoom fatigue. He was on the verge of a break down because he had not stopped. He was keeping himself busy so he did not have to face his fears.

During a 30 minute consultation, I was able to help him see what the underlying causes were using colour so that he could shift state. I also gave him an embodiment exercise he could practise to raise his energy and find the quality he needed so that he was in a calmer, more powerful state ready for an important meeting about youth leadership today.

As I share in my 7 keys to emotional wellbeing video series, to move forward, you have to press pause to find out what’s really going on; be with your fears so they no longer have dominion over you; and then create a vision of what is possible.  In other words moving from the darkness of the first bottle to the lighter energy of the second bottle.

Real success comes when you stop to connect to the deeper meaning of your life and so can start the journey to full self-acceptance. If you are one of those people who live life at 100 miles an hour to block out the pain you haven’t dealt with, this video can help. When you live like that here’s no time for the luxury of feeling and yet deep inside there is a yearning for something: an itch you cannot seem to scratch. For more videos like this be sure to subscribe to my newly formed YouTube channel.

Expanded awareness comes when you see fear for what it is
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