Over the last two weeks I have become aware of numerous examples of the fragility of the social contract we call life – many clients are dealing with death, suicide or the loss of pets who have become part of the family. I have not been immune from this as a member of my family has had to process some very unsettling news and that led to overwhelm and extreme anxiety.  I shot this video in the middle of all this in a way intentionally to show you that showing up in your vulnerability takes strength and it’s important because it shows we are all human and in a way we appear more real.  Our hearts will be broken over and over again and the way through is to stand together with others in our humanity.  

Why does spiritual and material abundance feel so elusive?

The key message in the video is about how to be spiritually and materially abundant and what that looks like and why it is so difficult. As a former client of mine inferred after watching the video it’s hard to let go of the fear and worry around survival and having enough financially.  I delved into the keys to prosperity in a previous post so do check that out if this is an issue for you.

What’s really happening?

After a lot of reflection and conversations with others in the OD and coaching world I realise that there is a general feeling of malaise around at the moment.  Yes in a 3D way that’s because our worlds have shrunk so much and in a 5D way it is because you are not radiating at full power.  The spirit in your body is emitting electric signals and when the charge is low, you have less energy physically to process what’s happening in your environment.  This is why Coral is so prevalent at the moment.

How do deer personify the energy of Coral?

My sense is that you can come through this by calling on Deer energy. Deer have majesty, beauty and fragility about them.  If you get close to one you will be aware of the deep seated kindness and gentleness within; and yet their sensitivity means they can be easily startled so you need real softness to get close to them. It is this energy that can melt the toughest obstacles.  You can access this through nurturing yourself through the power of self touch, taking time out to connect to Source through meditation or contemplation and connecting with like minded souls.  If this resonates then I invite you to consider joining the group that’s forming for a Coral Journey, an exploration into all this so you can really start to connect to wholeness. Numbers are limited so that there is a depth of experience. Doing such intimate work in a group helps you to grow because it can reveal patterns through the interplay in the group dynamics that are not possible when we are isolated and working in a one to one setting.

How do we deal with the sense of creeping malaise?
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