We are in the energy of Spring right now which is all about birthing new things.  I have certainly been aware of people sharing how much busier they are and how work is picking up as we come out of lockdown.  If that’s not happening for you yet you may feel a sense of apprehension.  Notice it and if you can speak to it so that your fear knows it has been acknowledged.

Or perhaps you are in the process of transition and bringing in a new element to your business.  If you are then you are in good company because that is what I am doing right now.  That can be quite scary because you know where you want to get to and it’s akin to crossing a ravine 10 feet up on a wire rope.  Something I have done and found both exhilarating and terrifying in equal measure.  Creative tension is not always easy to be with particularly if you have stopped one part of your income so there has been a drop in what’s coming in; whilst you create the new offer.

Tips for success

  1. The trick is to remember to ground and you can do this by remembering everything you have already achieved.  See how far you have come and so push your roots through the earth so you have a strong base from which to move forward.
  2. And remember creating something new takes time so you need to manage the transition period.  In those moments it’s okay to be vulnerable and to ask for help.
  3.  I would recommend working with the Fire elemental because it can give you the courage to birth your new programme into being.
  4. Be gentle with yourself; giving yourself regular breaks to ground and connect to your true essence as you go through this process.
  5. Break the project into small steps and celebrate the completion of each step so that you get a sense of your progress.
  6. And be flexible.  Your initial idea may not work so be open to different possibilities.

And the key to all of this is to learn the art of doing nothing.  The more you can experience deep relaxation, the more your physical body relaxes.  This allows your essence to come through you. And so rather than forcing the change, you allow what wants to emerge and be expressed through you to do that. And in that way there can be an ease to the creation process rather than tension.

What is the quickest way to bring an idea into form?
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