Hawthorn courtesy of the Woodland Trust

Did you know that Hawthorn is known as May Blossom because it tends to flower in May; and that there are pink and white varieties of it.  This feels perfect for my birthday month as pink and white together are about purity and innocence. This colour combination also reminds us of the Essenes, a community that emphasised love is God. For me that is suggesting that when we come from love then we receive many times over.

I was reminded of that this weekend because I got to experience my first street party since 2012 thanks to the King’s coronation. Not only that the whole experience is evidence of how I have grown over the last 15 years. Let me share the story with you.

A coronation street party

A couple of months ago I was invited by a neighbour to jump onto the organising committee to make it happen. And I leapt at the chance because I knew virtually no one on our road probably because we rent rather than own our house and I expect there’s a feeling that we not here for the long haul. It’s a great example of how things have changed. In the early days of being a coach I was offered the opportunity of doing a role for our co-active community but I could still hear my old house master’s words in my ear: Kate is a great organiser and if she’s not careful she will become the secretary of groups and never amount to much. I really took those words to heart and so I turned down the role to serve within my coaching community as I did not want to create that reality.

These days in my work with others and my practice I align much more to the following quotation from a Christian mystic:

The important thing is the willingness to give back the gift that is you, not the perfection of the gift itself

Richard rohr

And I am loving it in part because whenever I offer the gift that is me; I receive something priceless: a deep sense of fulfilment. In this case it gave me a sense of purpose too because I felt plugged into my local community. It is a reminder and evidence that we are hard wired for connection. When you feel that sense of interconnection, it is possible to witness magic happening.

And there are some real practical tangible benefits too: the last three times I have given from a place of love, I have attracted in three new clients. And yet on none of the three occasions did I do in order to gain financially. I did it because it felt like the right thing to do.

My recipe for success

What is becoming clear to me with every day that passes is that there is some secret sauce that can enhance your life and that comes when you understand how the world works. For years I sought for an answer outside of myself and every time I met someone I wondered whether they were the one that was going to propel my business forward. Each time I was disappointed. It reminds me in many ways of the victim archetype the first of the 8 archetypes we have been exploring on my Unity Reset programme. We are in victim when we deny self-leadership and look to another to rescue us.

Clients and others do refer people to me but not because I have asked them to do so. It happens spontaneously when I least expect it. It is because of the energy that emanates from the mantra that I have been working with in my spiritual practice of late. All that I give is given to my self.

You don’t have to become exhausted by doing x number of cold calls to possible clients or leads for your business. All that any of us are asked to do is to lead from our heart, from purity; and then from that place of being allow the Divine to gift you what you gift others. This is very hard in the beginning because it takes trust and knowingness that your ego self is not in control of anything.

Final word

If you implement this strategy from a place of expectation rather than from the joy of it, you are doomed to failure. Give because it makes your heart sing because you know in your bones that giving and receiving are one. Then watch what unfolds: all that struggling and pushing to create business and make money will soon become a thing of the past This kind of magic happens when you are able to see the beauty and uniqueness that comes from being you. The Divine asked you to be in full self acceptance especially in 2023. If that seems impossible then reach out and take one of the two openings currently available to work with me. I look forward to hearing from you and wish you a wonder filled month.

Thank you for being you