I have been aware of lots of posts talking about Spring and the growth of new opportunities which makes sense with the new moon in Aries and Aries being just around the corner! Its energy has caught up with me too as I have made my first youtube video in ages!  In it I explore the other theme I have been noticing with clients recently – despair, stuckness, overwhelm in some cases to the extent of depression.

Check in with yourself… how serious are you being right now?  How heavy do you feel in your body? When we feel like this it feels real and life feels hopeless.  The truth is these thoughts are coming from the ego mind and are an ILLUSION.

If this has been your experience what can you do?

When you feel like this you can become paralysed unable to move forward. That is NORMAL so if you feel that don’t beat yourself up. Find some self compassion and accept the state of play if you can. That way the energy will move through you more quickly whereas if you fight it, it will remain with you for longer.

Next acknowledge that the way you interpret stuff in your life comes through your filters: what you consider to be good or bad based on conditioning that starts from a very early age. It is not the truth of who you are.

Secondly understand that your interpretations come from false expectations which is what causes you pain.  When you are in that stuck place your mind will generalise and pull in other moments when life was difficult or that you failed; deleting any times when things went well; and distorting reality so you feel even more bleak.

What has helped me raise my vibration has been a combination of working with colour and immersing myself in texts that enable me to connect to the eternal.  With that in mind I will be sharing ideas with you more regularly via my youtube channel to give you another resource in those moments so do subscribe if you haven’t already

Interestingly when I worked with a client recently the colours that came up were white and platinum.  This is significant because in many ways it appears to be a dull set of colours. This was a clue because clear/ white light is nothing but colourless daylight. It contains all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum at equal intensity. In colour psychology white and platinum light represent no-thingness/ the void; and here’s the paradox white light is created because it contains the presence of every single colour so it is also rich, containing everything. This is an eternal truth about us. We are sparks of the Divine and so wonder-filled and yet as a spark we are small and meaningless all at the same time. When we can be with this idea fully there is no fear of the fallow times in our lives or emptiness. It simply becomes part of the cycle of life. The more we embrace it as such the quicker we move through it.

Opposite this text you can see one of the white bottles that my client picked. The Air spritzer is a wonderful essence to work with as a way of dealing with mood swings; and White Dragon the other clear spritzer is great for using when you are exploring who you are becoming.

My hope is that these words and my video have helped soothe your nervous system is you are feeling stuck. And at the very least have given you more insight into the meanings of white and platinum light. If it raises more questions, feel free to get in touch with me for further insights.

The 3D world is an illusion