Prosperity comes when you love what you have now and…..

No amount of conscious desire for something can overcome an unconscious belief that if you had that thing, it would destroy you.

laurence galian

The essence of my work is to make the unconscious conscious. When you refuse to look at your shadow then it is as if you are going in every decreasing circles repeating the same mistakes and wondering why nothing is happening.  As Alice Miller said: The contents of the unconscious remain unchanged and timeless. It is only as these contents become conscious that change can begin.

Money: the root of all evil or the flow of energy?

Very often I work with clients that have struggles with money.  Money is a flow of energy and having enough money can seem impossible at times.  Why is that? There can be many reasons.  I spoke to a woman a few months ago and when we did an exercise to open up her unconscious using colour, she picked the nun’s bottle which points to spiritual and material conflict.  It turned out she had many friends that were nuns and a strong spiritual tradition of her own.  My sense is that in a past life she was a nun which means she would have taken a vow of poverty.  She didn’t really like money and yet like most of us she lived in the 3D and had to pay the rent. The only way to heal this aversion to money was to help her to reveal those deep seated unconscious patterns so they could be released.  Although she was deeply fascinated by the clarity she got when more consciousness was revealed, she chose to stay in her poverty mindset and continue to build her business through cold calling rather than building relationship.

What stops people from doing the work?

And sometimes people will shy away from doing this deeper work. I think Shadows and Light, a poem by by William Lindenmuth allows us to get a sense of why that might be…

I am lost within the shadows
Searching for the light
On a line of demarcation
Separating day from night
In the lightness of my being
And the heaviness I feel
The secrets of the shadows
the light will be revealed
shrouded in mystery
yet right before your eyes
your vision gives you blindness

your blindness brings surprise
to look between the lines of time
emerging within the light
I walk the empty path before me
From the daytime through the night
The answers lie in questions
as questions will unfold
The story of the ages
Just waiting to be told
When all silence is deafening
Each whisper amplified
It is the heart that truly listens
The emotion of this ride
All existence will be questioned
In the shadows of my being
The soul seeks its release
From what my eyes are seeing
Standing naked here before you
Bathing in pure light
Where time is never measured
And there is no day or night
I walk between the shadows
In search of inner peace

the light of life engulfs me
existence will not cease
the song goes on forever
a celestial melody
for in between
the shadows and light
is where I long to be

Yes the journey can be tough and it can also be rewarding and nothing will change unless you face your shadows. Marianne Williamson puts it well Until we have met the monsters in ourselves, we keep trying to slay them in the outer world. And we find that we cannot. For all darkness in the world stems from darkness in the heart. And it is there that we must do our work.

It’s worth remembering there is light in the darkness and when we can be in that space, there is also warmth.  As you grow accustomed to the dark, you may even wish to envelope yourself in it as if it were a blanket; and you will be able to bring your own light to that darkness. This is all any of us need to do; the monsters want to be loved too.  If you are ready then reach out, I would love to be your guide. I have a special offer on a shadow card reading through May because it is my birthday month and I am integrating these readings into my work so get in touch if you want to take advantage of it.

What does shadow work reveal?
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