It’s not ok to stop, sometimes it is essential

My story

This weekend I was all set to go to the West country and immerse myself in colour and I came off a call in which I had said I am so looking forward to going away and having a break from Bedford.  I opened my email account and had 12 ping up one of which was cancelling the workshop.  You can imagine the emotions that coursed through me!

The cost of always being on

Everything in life is a mirror back to you and your journey. There has been a huge exhaustion in the collective following big energetic downloads around the time of the equinox.  So often people keep going in spite of how they are feeling.  It’s ok to rest and this was what the workshop leader was doing, she was honouring her process.  Taking time out to heal.

I have been meeting quite a few people of late with Pink in their colour DNA blueprint and have been selling quite a few of these bottles.  This bottle is called Venus and if you know much about astrology Venus rules Taurus.

What is Venus about?

The energy of this bottle is a desire for harmony.  This often translates itself into delightful homes.  Spaces that everyone loves and wants to be in because there is such taste with beautiful pieces through out, positioned perfectly.

Oftentimes people with this bottle in their colour DNA blueprint are real givers.  Everyone else loves how these type of people make them feel.  The problem is that they forget about themselves and can suffer from compassion fatigue.  When it is working in the shadow they give love to everyone except themselves.  This bottle helps you to remember that you are important & you do matter.

Love and your inner child

When you bring in the essence, Pink Dragon, it’s about re-integrating your inner child.  The one that you have been protecting for the longest time.  That small being that did not receive the love it needed from the adults around it.  It stopped being a safe place for such an inner being.  And yet just like Lyra and those in her world in Pullman’s Northern lights trilogy, become the living dead and eventually die when they are separated from their daemon.  The same is true for us if we don’t allow our inner child to feel safe in the world.

Going back to right now,  I am noticing how tired I am. I am going to take this opportunity to go away and gift myself some time off anyway!  I have a lot to process following a couple of very insightful conversations with Hass and Helen.  Two incredible beings that I recommend you add to your circle if you don’t know them already.

What leads to burnout?