Earlier this week I found myself on a website for a global conference which had over 100 speakers in at least 10 different specialisms. I thought to myself which channel would I be in.  There was one for executive coaching; there was another for personal and collective trauma; and there were at least a couple more that resonated. It was a struggle to know which channel to pick.  I have been a coach for 12 years and the work I do has evolved as I have changed.

I am love the fact that I working with a number of senior leaders in their particular field. We tend to get into meaty topics like authority and power.  The first thing to notice is that there is real skill in landing these kinds of people as clients. There can be quite a dance involved so hopefully sharing my experiences will help you navigate your way to a successful outcome.

What I have noticed is that in many cases these individuals are either male or have a strong masculine driver.  They have hard wired into their system the importance of being productive and bringing home the bacon.  How this translates is that they are often aware enough to recognise that they are not operating from their sweet spot; and even experience a degree of suffering to remind them of the need to slow down.  Despite all this the drive to be efficient and fulfil their role as the main provider overrides all those warning signs.

The first hurdle

Recognise their reluctance to commit to their own personal development and name it.  Their perception often is that engaging in their inner work will detract from their primary role.  Resist debunking this myth instead use it to your advantage.  Explain that fear is holding them back and stopping them move forward.  Trapped energy has a smell which permeates everything.  In real terms this is affecting all the relationships that they care about. Their focus on building revenue is a distraction that helps them ignore the pain they are feeling.

What happens is that they become like Sisyphus and keep pushing the money and power rock up the hill wishing it would lead to fulfilment without success.  Rather the rock comes rushing back down the mountain and they find themselves in this unending, repetitive pattern.  This tends only to stop if their body completely breaks down otherwise they are stuck in it.  Illuminate this pattern for them so that they can acknowledge it.

Why do people keep falling into this trap?

Chasing after the money is all part of the illusion of this 3D existence.  Your aura is like a skin that stops you from permeating the truth about unity consciousness.  It blocks your access to Oneness.  Furthermore the population size affects the density and impact of the collective aura.  This group aura consists of many Individual auras and vibrates as a massive bubble of fear.  Business therefore becomes all about survival rather than being of service.

What’s really happening and the link with stress…

Although consciousness is on a continuum most of us dip in and out of being fully present.  Our minds find the pull of the collective energy field of fear very attractive.  Very few can transcend this state permanently.  Don’t be surprised if you emerge from it for brief periods of time and then find yourself back in it.

The vibration and frequency that you are tuned to determines your external environment.  Stress comes when your frequency is lowered.

The misuse of authority

What happens is that consciously or unconsciously you give your mind authority to make decisions on your behalf but in fact you are reinforcing the very thing you are trying to contain. It’s a classic biofeedback loop recreating the state you are trying to escape.

Stress happens if you are unable to stop yourself from reacting to fear. Over time this can lead to overwhelm. Neither of which is restorative, nor does it lead to productivity.

What does true authority look like?

It’s about recognising that in most relationships there is a power dynamic – one party is in authority, the other is submissive.  It’s easy to spot this in a parent-child relationship. Like so much authority is a frequency that is determined by intent. True loyalty can only be sustained when the frequency of love outweighs the frequency of fear. Your intent needs to be pure.

The beauty and magic of authority can be witnessed when both sides of the relationship surrender to the other.  This can only come when we are completely at home with both our masculine and feminine energies. Due to the challenges you faced in your formative years (0-7) it is very likely that either your masculine or feminine will be more pronounced making surrender virtually impossible.

Being able to explore this dynamic with potential clients enables them to see how you can help them.  Helping them to grasp other pieces of this jigsaw called life is a great way to build trust and rapport.  With this way of being, you will be well on your way to attracting a new client.  And you have not had to talk about niching at all!

We explored authority, power, money and control in the most recent stillness is the access point to your essence session.  I used the two bottles in the photo as a way in. They represent the masculine and the feminine – can you guess which is which?  I have included them because from a colour perspective control is rooted in the ego.  Knowing how to flex your authority comes as you build your intuition muscle.

Knowing yourself intimately is the best way to attract new clients
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